Dog whose Love Never Dies Digs up Cat Friend

A small puppy named Oscar and a pudgy cat named Author were best friends ever since they first met. They were inseparable until one day Author passed away. It was simply too difficult for Oscar to leave his best pal. One night he dug up Author’s grave and brought him back into the house.

When the Bell family woke up the next day, they saw Oscar snuggling with Author in his basket. The pup spent all night washing and licking his buddy before he fell asleep.

They were best friends who always had each other’s back. Author often helped Oscar to climb onto the sofa. The little pup loved tagging along with his feline friend wherever he went in the house.

The Bell’s said Oscar was there when they buried the cat, so he knew where the cat was located. That night he went out through the cat flap and dug down to get the cat out. Author was a very large cat. It must have taken the little pup a lot of strength to carry the cat back into the house.

Author has been re-buried into a more secure grave and Oscar has gotten a new feline companion named Limpet whom he is already very protective of.

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Image via Flickr: BoVa

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7 Responses to “Dog whose Love Never Dies Digs up Cat Friend”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Poor puppy, misses his friend.

  2. Elisa says:

    Animals grieve too, poor little puppy!

  3. Poor puppy, I would be sad if my best friend died too…

  4. Rachael says:

    Incredibly beautiful and yes so sad. I am glad that the puppy’s owners went and got him a new friend. It shows how compassionate they are as well. Who says animals don’t have emotions?

  5. paco says:

    :( they ( the pets) teaches us a lesson every day..

  6. bel says:

    Poor lil thing. He bathed his cat friend body too. Either puppy was too young to realise what death is, or maybe he really really missed having a special companion, so regardless he went digging…

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