Cat Has Another Cat on His Back

It must be some sort of genetic wonderfulness about this cat. This kitty has markings on the back that resemble a cat. :). Isn’t it amazing?

cute cat with cat image on back


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23 Responses to “Cat Has Another Cat on His Back”

  1. mjk says:

    This is Amazing!!!

  2. wow that is quite an interesting gentic there for teh kittehs mommy an dady for her spots to come out like this…very cute!

  3. Michelle says:

    my mom's boyfriends cat is a grey tabby kitten, he has what looks like a giant lOl on his side XD i'm planning on taking a picture and posting it on love meow Facebook fan page. =]

  4. Julia says:

    Really interesting and beautiful!!!

  5. Rochelle♥ says:

    Amazing!The marking -to me- looks remarkably like a witch's cat!

  6. ames kay says:

    mashaAllah! pretty awesome this one! praise to Allah for His greatness :)

  7. sky_cool says:

    wow!!!! this the first time i've seen it

  8. Fourpaws says:

    Wow! I've seen photos of animals with hearts on them, but cat on a cat is the first of its kind. Kinda crazy if you think of it.

  9. misanthropope says:

    yo dawg, i heard you like cats, so i put a cat on yo' cat.

  10. Taffy says:

    How wonderful and amazing!!

  11. octopuss says:

    Ceci n'est pas un chat. 😀

  12. Anne says:

    Amazing – truly bizarre and special!

  13. What an unusual and amazing marking!!

    This was also found on and submitted for a possible Tee Shirt on LOLMart Shirts.

  14. aygen says:

    i want this little bugger to be mine!!!

  15. Tina says:

    Wow! How great is this?? Such a beautiful kitty!

  16. Sandi H. says:

    Absolutely Amazing!! To me, I find that cat markings are 1 of the mysteries of the world!

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