Cat House on the Kings No Kill No Cage Cat Sanctuary

Lynea Lattanzio - Cat House on the Kings

Imagine a clean, spacious adoption center where cats can live cage free and roam around in a large house and a spacious backyard. It must be a dream place for many homeless, stray and feral cats to stay in.

In fact, there is a place like that which is located in Parlier, California. It is called the Cat House on the Kings that spans 12 acres along the Kings River in the central San Joaquin Valley, southeast of Fresno.

The Cat House on the Kings is a no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary founded 18 years ago by Lynea Lattanzio, who was one of the top 10 nominees for the 2007 cat hero of the year by Animal Planet. She has helped save more than 18,000 cats and spayed and neutered another 40,000 animals. There are currently 700 cats and kittens living happily in this cage-free environment.

by the cat house on the kings

by the Cat House

The Wood Stove:

This is one of the cats’ favorite places to hang out especially during winter when weather is cold outside and cats will nuzzle up in this room.

cat lounge room wood stove adoption center pic

by the Cat House on the Kings - the Wood Stove

Pasture Project:

This is where cats get to play outdoors. “It is a 75′ x 100′ fully fenced enclosure and quarantine area with two 2-story Tuff Sheds, patios, a waterfall, and lots of grass and trees. The houses have ceiling fans for summer and portable heaters for winter, and are used to house new cats prior to release. Every 6 months, the doors are opened and the cats are allowed to choose where on the property they wish to live.”

outdoor pasture cat adoption sanctuary pic

by the Cat House on the Kings - Pasture Project

Kitty Garden:

This is a very large room that can accommodate up to 30 cats. Cats that come to reside in this room are ready for adoption. “They have all been spayed/neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, wormed and had two or more of their upper-respiratory shots.!”

kitty garden no cage adoption center cat pic

by the Cat of House on the Kings - Kitty Garden

Pink Room:

This room serves two different purposes: one is to house overflow kitties from the Kitty Garden during peak season. During less busy season, it is used to home new arrivals who are not yet ready to go to the Pasture Project.

pink room cage free adoption center cat pic

by the Cat of House on the Kings - Pink Room

Condo Room:

This room is a transitional room for adult cats. They can access the outdoors through many cat doors and back to the condo if they want to come back in.

condo room no cage adoption center cat house pic

by the Cat of House on the Kings - Condo Room

Intensive Care Unit (ICU):

This room is for cats that are sick and need intensive care. “Venessa, our experienced veterinary assistant, arrives at 6am (or earlier!) to prepare special diets and begin medicating cats. Only seriously ill animals are kept in the ICU; animals on long-term medication are held in other areas.”

intensive care room adoption center cat house pic

by the Cat House on the Kings - Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Besides the facilities mentioned above, the Cat House on the Kings also has many other facilities to accomodate cats with different needs:

  • FIV Ward
  • Short-Term Boarding
  • Sadie Malone Senior Center
  • Joan Droge Kitten Quarantine
FIV room no cage adoption center cat house pic

by Cat House on the Kings

You can visit their website at

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13 Responses to “Cat House on the Kings No Kill No Cage Cat Sanctuary”

  1. guendy says:

    i really love cats!!!i have one cat here,actually he is my neighbor's cat but now he stays with us and i named my cat mingmang…he is really sweet and he acts like a human being!he knows that we love him.Everytime i am doing something he finds way to interrupt me ,he laid on my papers and played with it that makes me smile coz i feel that he is enjoying…hope to visist cat house someday ms. lynea lattanzio…guendy here from philippines.

  2. Granny says:

    Very sweet I love it too. All babies are adorable, human, dogs, cats, cows– piglets too!!!
    I've had a dream for a long time of having my own cat house and it would be much like this one. A place where they can be free to do what cats do!! In the meantime, I volunteer at our small No Kill shelter outside our small town of Prineville, OR! I have two kitteh boys of my own, well, actually I belong to them! Shadow is my miracle feral boy-it took seven months of feeding and watering him outside, standing out on the porch at nite talking to him, and he'd talk back, before he decided he wanted me enough to come to me and let me touch him. I adore my Shadow!! It's been nine months now and he lives in peace and harmony with his older brother Boo, and sleeps on my pillow or wherever he chooses. I had both Boo and his mother, Callie for 11 years, she disappeared 8/20/08, Boo was so lost and lonely. Now he's happy with his shaggy brother Shadow. They are inseparable now!!

    • lovemeow says:

      awww how beautiful. Boo and Shadow sound absolutely adorable. I have a kitty also named Shadow. He is such a sweetheart. All of my cats get along very well too. They love to sleep together and play with one another. It's always a joy to watch them play :).

  3. Kara Irwin says:

    I have been a volunteer for The Cat House for over 4 years now. I just wanted to let folks know that it is the real deal.. Lynea is an amazing woman who took a vision that she had and gave everything to make it happen. If you are in the area it is well worth a visit and definitely deserves our support!
    Kara Irwin

  4. Caroline Miller says:

    I have known Lynea sence about 1990, and she is a remarkable women, there is nothing she won't do to save a cat, I adopted a cat that she saved when she brought it back from the dead, she thought it was dead when she picked it up out of a truck, she brought it in and worked for hours on that cat, she is UNBELIEVEABLE, I later adopted the cat, Lynea has started from scratch and developed a remarkabable place, and has detecated her life to her cats and finding thousands and thousands of homes for them and many many dogs as well ~ ~~She is a GREAT LADY !!!

  5. Amy says:

    Caroline, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Lynea is an incredible person that I would LOVE to meet someday. I was so amazed by the work she does that I knew I had to write about it :). I hope there will be more shelters like the cat house on the kings.

  6. Melissa says:

    This is just wonderful. I hope I can do something like this someday. I have a feral cat colony that I take care of and recently had to move them. It has been 4 months since the move and so far, things are going well. I really look up to people like you and it makes me so happy to know that there are other people who care so much for cats.

  7. sall says:

    God blessed for the people who do good deed for the catty. I love cat, I got 17 cats now. All of them was unwanted, which mean people leaving them in disgusting places. Without one eye or for some reason people doesn't like cat without tail, they were thrown away for many ridicules reason. I got a dream to have a cats santuary like you have. Right now my house is ok for 17 cats but who knows in the future. I don't like to cage them, they are free to roam around my house, which I called cats house. And I thanks to my husband for understanding me & the cats. Thanks to you Lynea, I got some ideas for my next cats house.

  8. ran says:

    A beautiful place Muslim

    Nice idea did not come to an intellectual

    If you were in heaven

    God bless you

  9. Sunny Fortuna says:

    I really love it, I have a lot of cats at home too almost 25 and not for sale just a hobby all my cats are persian and not for a show. I admired you how you can take care of them. hope I can visit there one time.



  10. ran says:

    I mean

    Peaceful and beautiful place

  11. terry says:

    Saw the show on tv recently “The Lady with 700 cats”. Really admire you for your love and dedication to the cats. We have four and they are our children. Two were rescue cats from the local shelter and the other two were wander in strays. Three little boys and a girl. Love them so much and lucky to have them.

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