Endangered Sand Cats Now Can be Seen at Cincinnati Zoo

cute sand cat kittens wild feline pic

Sand cats are one of the smallest wild cats in the world. They are also an endangered species. Though big wild cats usually are seen at the zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo has been the most recognizable zoo in the US that shows and breeds Sand cats.

Sand cats are very adorable. They are smaller than the domestic cats (an adult Sand cat weighs about 6 pounds on average), but they have several characteristics that make them a terrible choice for a pet. The Sand cat is a very shy wild cat that likes to hide in their cave during the day and comes out to hunt at night. They are nocturnal and prey mostly on rodents, insect and other small critters.

cute sand cats wild feline pic


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4 Responses to “Endangered Sand Cats Now Can be Seen at Cincinnati Zoo”

  1. ames kay says:

    awww for a group of wild cats, they sure look way toooooo adorable!

  2. CarrieLee says:

    well what country is home to these little cuties? it really doesn't give us much info?

  3. Linda says:

    almost too cute to be wild! :)

    they are adorable, and I pray that they can be protected in the wild!!

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