Firefighter Rescued Cat from Flames

firefighter rescue cat pic

A grease fire broke out in a condo that belonged to Mary Rabun in San Diego, California. In a moment of hurry, she grabbed one of her cats and rushed out of the house. The condo was fumigated with smoke.

After she got out of the front door, she realized that her other cat was left inside. Rabun became hysterical to say the least.

Firefighters came and spotted Roxy, the cat who was leaning by the door. There were paw prints on the door indicated that the cat had been trying to get out. The cat was getting weaker and weaker and her coat was covered with soot. Morrison, one of the firefighters removed her from the house and left her with an oxygen mask, then went right back to fight the blaze.

Incredibly, the cat recuperated shortly after she was rescued by the firefighter. She started walking and moving around despite how “limp and lifeless” she seemed when the firefighters discovered her.

This was not the first rescue of this little feline. In fact, Roxy used one of her 9 lives when she was abandoned among a litter of kittens behind a restaurant.

Rabun was in tears when she saw Roxy. Her cats are more than just pets to her, they are her family members.

Rabun was very grateful for what Morrison did for her and Roxy. She called him her hero.

Image via flickr: red clover

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3 Responses to “Firefighter Rescued Cat from Flames”

  1. Tara says:

    Bless those firefighters!

  2. elaine lively says:

    how great the second of this pussycats 9 LIves was saved,praise to the fire fighter for caring..


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