January Cat of the Month Results

All the votes are in for the final round of the Jan cat of the month contest. All the kitties are absolutely gorgeous. They are all winners. You can go to the Love Meow Gallery to check out all the photo entries. They are now featured in a video on our YouTube channel. Thank you all for sharing you beautiful photos with us.

If you would like to join the February Cat of the Month, you can click here for details.

Now the Jan cat of the month is… *drum roll*


cute orange kitten raises hand cat pic


Here is a video tribute I made for all the kitties. Enjoy!

Now, here are the 4 runner-ups:

cute kitten cat pic


cute orange kitten cat pic


cute kitten cat pic


cute kitten cat pic


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4 Responses to “January Cat of the Month Results”

  1. I know if Cosmo were here today he would be very proud to be chosen as a runner up for Cat of the Month. The photo was taken when he was a sick little kitten, just 3 months old. He grew into a 'healthy' and handsome young cat before dying of feline leukemia at just shy of 1 year old. He had 9 happy months with us and we miss him every day. In memory of Cosmo and the too many other cats who die from this disease, please, if you let your cats outside, vaccinate them against feline leukemia. >^..^<

    • lovemeow says:

      Thank you for sharing Cosmo's story. We are all very happy for him. I hope he is making a lot of friends including my kitty Snowman over the rainbow bridge :).

    • Alice says:

      I know how you must miss Cosmo. I have two wonderful kitties waiting for me on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge: Abby, an unbelievably sweet and beautiful gray Persian I had for about 9 years, and Trixie, another beautiful and sweet tortie-shell Persian I lost last Feb. after 6 years. My kitties were so much like children, they respond in kind to the way they're treated. People who've never owned (or maybe I should say been owned by) a kitty don't know what they're missing. I'm going to upload a photo of my present one, Mingo, for the Feb. contest.

      • lovemeow says:

        Alice, cats are wonderful creatures. To me they are more than just friends. They are my family members, my babies. My kitty snowman helped me through depression and he was always there for me even though I was crappy most of time. They are like my angels :).

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