Beautiful Kittens and Friends

Aren’t these kitties adorable? Leesa’s photos have captured all the wonderfulness of these furry babies while they are sleeping, playing or simply sitting there looking at the camera.

Photos courtesy of Leesa @ her flickr.

cute kitten sleeping cat pic

© Leesa - Hard to resist

cute kitten lying down cat pic

© Leesa - Comfort

cute kitten sitting down cat pic

© Leesa - the cat in the bag

cute kitten cat pic

© Leesa - What's up?

cute kitten cat pic

© Leesa

cute kitten and puppy sleeping cat pic

© Leesa - Nap time with babysitter

cute kitten sleeping nap time cat pic

© Leesa - Zzzzzz

cute kitten cat pic

© Leesa - still for a moment

cute kitten sleeping nap time cat pic

© Leesa

cute kittens cat pic

© Leesa

cute kitten playful cat pic

© Leesa - Captivated by a mousie

cute kitten cat toy pic

© Leesa - Distracted by a ball

cute kittens fighting cat swat pic

© Leesa - Talk To The Paw

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8 Responses to “Beautiful Kittens and Friends”

  1. OneCatsNip says:

    Oh thats just adorable! I bet these kittens have some real great personalities

  2. Tara says:

    Lessa is such a cutie!

  3. Tara says:

    Opps, I see Leesa is the photographer! Anyway, the kitties are adorable!

  4. Everycat says:

    Such beautiful photographs, Leesa really has a talent for catching just the right moment of kitteny goodness!

  5. Carm Cole says:

    SWEET Kitten pics! Love the sepia tone!

  6. Oh my gosh those are wonderful pictures! So adorable!!

  7. octopuss says:

    Great photos, great cats! Perhaps the last one's the best, but it's very close win.

  8. trần tuấn anh says:

    love the pic the kitten stand with das eye X>, so cuteeeeeeeeee

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