Previously I made a post about the Famous people and their cats. This is a continuation of that post :). Hope you enjoy!

Morgan Freeman and black cat
Morgan Freeman
audrey hepburn and cat
Audrey Hepburn

Carole Lombard and cat
Carole Lombard
Clark Gable and cat
Clark Gable
Drew Barrymore and cat
Drew Barrymore
George Harrison celebrity and cat
George Harrison
James dean celebrity and cat
James Dean
Jay Mansfield celebrity and cat
Jayne Mansfield photo: Michael Ochs
Kate Beckinsale celebrity and cat
Kate Beckinsale
Kim Novak celebrity and cat
Kim Novak
Marlon Brando celebrity and cat
Marlon Brando
Nicole Kidman celebrity and cat
Nicole Kidman
Paul McCartney celebrity and cat
Paul McCartney
Penelope Cruz celebrity and cat
Penelope Cruz
Vivien Leigh celebrity and cat
Zooey Deschanel celebrity and cat
Zooey Deschanel

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