cute kittens and cat family portrait

This fluffy family was adopted by Vera, an animal rescuer. The father is a short haired white and ginger cat with a pair of gorgeous yellow marble like eyes. The mother is a long haired tabby cat, wearing a layer of beautiful and colorful coat. The two had a litter of kittens. Some resemble the mother, others look exactly like the father.

cute cat parents pic
Mom and Dad
cute baby kitten and mother cat pic
Mother cat takes care of a baby kitten
mother cat takes care of cute kittens pic
Mother looks after all kittens and provides plenty of love and comfort
cute kitten and mother cat pic
“Never leave sight of my babies.”
cute kitten father cat pic
Kitten looks exactly like daddy
cute kittens curious cats pic
“Woah! What’s that?”
cute kittens father cat pic
One kitten is looking at the camera. The rest are distracted.
cute kittens father cat pic
All but one kitty are ready for the picture
cute kittens family cats pic
Family Portrait. Say “Meow!”
cute kittens orange white cat pic
Dad and kittens
cute kittens fluffy cat pic
Mom and her kittens

Photos courtesy of ©Vera (flickr: veraecho).