Urs Wachter, from Oberkulm, Switzerland, is sharing some of his favorite photos with us today. I am totally mesmerized by the kittens depicted in his photographs. Urs Wachter took his kittens out on a lawn to explore. They were frolicking, catching small insects and playing with her canine buddy on a beautiful sunny day.

You can see more photos by Urs Wachter at his website or flickr.

cute orange kitten outdoor grass cat pic
My tail is tiny but I keep it straight
cute orange kitten puppy playing pic
I am tell you who the boss is here!

cute kitten puppy cat pic
Apparently I am the boss here.
cute ginger kitten prowling on grass cat pic
I think I see a critter. Must catch...
cute ginger tortie kittens cat pic
Contrast in coloration
cute ginger tabby kitten cat pic
My ears are perked up, so I can hear little critters better
cute kitten running on grass lawn cat pic
I love frolicking on the grass, even though I am fuzzy.
cute ginger kitten talking demanding cat pic
I want noms now!
cute ginger kitten cat pic
I am a bit shy of the camera
cute tortie kitten running on grass lawn cat pic
Did someone say noms?
cute tortie kitten puppy dog cat pic
The doggie likes to follow me around
cute kitten beautiful hypnotizing eyes cat pic
If you look into my eyes, I will hypnotize you
cute kittens playing on grass lawn cat pic
Awww I am being chased.
cute kitten small paw cat pic
Do you like my little toesies?
cute kitten cat pic
You can touch my nose and I will approve you to be my friend
cute ginger kitten cat pic
Hmm.. This is my cool, gangsta look. I don't just have a cute look.
cute kitten playing on grass cat pic
I think I found a little critter. Pupil dilation activated!
cute orange kitten playing on grass cat pic
I am using my pawsome vision to look for critters.
cute ginger kitten flower cat pic
Woah! I found a little flower. It's tiny like me.