Kittens’ Favorite Toy

cute kitten and toy cat pic

These kitties have found their favorite toy.

That’s what we call the best kitty toy ever on earth. True to it’s name, the kittens were instantly hooked. After this was taken, I had to hold the tabby cat so the other 4 would have a chance to play! – Katie

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2 Responses to “Kittens’ Favorite Toy”

  1. Jenna says:

    Too cute. All the kittens are so gorgeous, as is their mommy. I guess we know who the hunter is! Hehe!

    My cat Curtis, a looooooong, lanky, super thin brown tabby had a favorite toy for about a year. Simply a small stuffed stocking from petsmart. He'd throw it up, chase it, bat it all around the house. Once we moved back home to my mom's house, it got lost :( THREE YEARS AGO! I still look for it for him, he's never found a toy so interesting since

    My other cat, Tucker, at my dad's house….he has one and only one toy. He's had others, but he refused them all. He only wants anything to do with a small rubber lizard, in which he loves it being thrown and chasing it down like he's hunting and attacking it!

  2. Brian says:

    Such a sweet face!

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