Most Content and Relaxed Cat on Earth

cute turkish van relaxed cat napping pic

This is Shironeko. You probably have seen him somewhere – the zen master cat. Shironeko is perhaps the most content and relaxed cat on earth. His name translates literally as “White Cat.” Shironeko was born on March 8th 2002, so that makes him an 8-year-old boy. He may look pudgy in the photos, but he only weighs about 9.9 lbs (4.5kg).

Shironeko looks like a Turkish van cat to me. The most distinctive feature is his eyes. They look like they are always sleepy. Shironeko loves a relaxing day, napping in his basket or anywhere he finds comfortable. He is one adorable kitty :).

You can find more photos of Shironeko at his gallery or blog.

cute relaxed kitten napping cat pic

cute shironeko relaxed cat napping pic

cute shironeko cat relaxing pic

cute shironeko content cat pic

cute shironeko most content cat napping pic

cute shironeko most content relaxed cat pic

cute shironeko most content relaxed cat napping in basket pic

cute shironeko content cat napping in bowl pic

cute shironeko content cat napping pic

cute shironeko cat funny pic

cute shironeko cat funny napping pic

cute shironeko funny napping pic

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85 Responses to “Most Content and Relaxed Cat on Earth”

  1. mina says:

    hes just a sleepy little guy, isnt he? awww how sweet.

  2. Tara says:

    He is truly a zen master. Look how content he is. I can meditate with him.

  3. Marg says:

    Gosh this cat never opens his eyes. He is great at taking naps no matter where he is. What super pictures they are. He is a cute kitty.
    Have a great day.

  4. OMG!! These photos are hilarious!! I love that last one. LOLOL!

  5. Well, he certainly looks content. Love the pictures.

  6. joant says:

    Zen Master: Ommmmm.

  7. Kittieb says:

    Super cute, I'd love a cat like him.

  8. angela says:

    Adorable! It reminds me of the cat named "Nyanko-sensei" in an anime "Natsume Yuujinchou'. They look almost like. XD

  9. Terra says:

    He's like a Japanese cat Garfield! Sleeping wherever whenever! mrew!

  10. ursulamajor says:

    Is there such a thing as narcolepsy in cats?

    • Chris says:

      Cats sleep *a lot*. My guess is that the photographer just took pictures of it when it was taking a nap because of the odd way it sleeps lying on its back, and because of the unusual appearance of its eyes..

  11. joseph says:

    SHIRONEKO and my cat Gizzymo make a perfect tag team.

  12. Jess says:

    this made my day, what a snuggly little puffball!

  13. Suzanne says:

    If the nap periods are very sudden and brief, he might have narcolepsy. o3o

  14. Japanese student. says:

    FYI, "shironeko" does not mean "white cat basket." It just means "white cat," from "shiroi," white, and "neko," cat.

  15. TheFuzz says:

    'White cat basket'? Shironeko just means 'white cat' I have no idea where you got that basket from. o_0

  16. Meri says:


  17. Anonymous Person says:

    Kind of looks like he is in immense pain!!

    • Tara says:

      actually when cats are content, they look like they are falling asleep. when cats are in pain, they will do anything to hide it.. They don't want others to know they are in discomfort, so they won't become potential prey to their predators. but if a person looked like that, i might think he was having some pain :).

  18. Tor says:

    i hate it when people objectify the cat like this. also putting bells on cats, is wrong.

    like cats? don't have them pose for photographs all the time, just leave'em be.

  19. Andrew says:

    Few things I noticed:
    The cat has a HUGE head.
    Those are some rather unique eyes.
    Actually, the face all around is rather unusual.
    And I genuinely believe the cat is narcoleptic.

  20. Karen says:

    I agree, narcolepsy could be an issue here. How adorable.

  21. Rebeca says:

    Wow… one of the cutest things I've seen in a while… I'd give anything to scratch this baby's tummy!

  22. Wendy says:

    He looks like he is dead….

  23. wanda says:

    What an extraordinary cutie.

  24. Dee says:

    I love the last picture!!! So cute…lmao

  25. baambooki says:

    Everyone, learn from this cat. *takes a nap*

  26. notguest? says:

    hehe lil buddhacat

  27. Tim says:

    Both dogs and cats share many maladies with humans, including narcolepsy.

  28. Narelle says:

    I think this is called Narcolepsy in humans… What a lovely cat, wish I had one like that!

  29. Jennoveve says:

    Is it me or is the only pic he looks happy in the one where he is in the snow. Lovely cat, just the others pic's his ears say "not happy" ?

  30. skittle68 says:

    This kitty makes me miss mine! My parents have him back home in MN. Moving back there next week!! He's orange and white too but he's an american tabby. 16 lb of muscle. He catches full grown rabbits! He's a big boy who wants to be a tom cat again lol

  31. Mr. Byte says:

    Actually, in the snow he reminds me of Wilford Brimley.

    Stalking Tom Cruise…

    “‘Cause it’s the right thing to do…”

  32. crizzy says:

    hes such a cutie pie!

  33. Tanya says:

    Awww, so sweet!!!!!

  34. Dianne says:

    What a sweetheart! A cat after my own heart! Meow!

  35. Sheri M says:

    He is just the cutest thing! I just want to pet him. :)

  36. buddist fan says:

    Shiro-chan!! lovely lovely lovely!!!
    btw..he's called Shiro, Shironeko is a handle/pen name of the master.
    The blog title of Kago-neko means "basket cat". youtube: shironekoshiro

  37. Ulashima says:

    It looks like those manekineko figures displayed in front of shops and restaurants. Except for the eyes.

  38. Lynx says:

    Adorable …

  39. Debbie says:

    I love this kitty and his friends!

  40. Kat says:


  41. marylizz says:

    Awwwww! Just looking at him makes me want to sleep, and also to bury my face in his tummy. What an adorable little guy. He sure knows how to live.

  42. Libby says:

    I have decided that in my next life I want to be a cat exactly like Shironeko! He is beautiful and at peace with everything around him. Cats Rule!

  43. Tina says:

    What a personality! Love this cat! What a face! :0)

  44. Nancy Sanddoval says:


  45. gabi says:

    lol! so funny :)

  46. Adorable. I cannot believe him!!!!!!!

  47. Hazel says:

    "Shironeko is perhaps the most content and relaxed cat on earth." 100% agree!

  48. Leslie says:

    How adorable. Least he is taking good care of the cat, so what if there are a few decorations on the beautiful cat. Save it for abusers. Love all of the pictures, nothing bad to say.

  49. elaine lively says:

    oh,this cat looks like he is permanently on cloud 9!

  50. riki yoko says:

    Goodness gracious me, what an angel

  51. Stacey says:

    Omg….he is absolutely ADORABLE!!

  52. shar says:

    too cute……

  53. elaine lively says:

    had to take another look at this adorable laid back cat and i love his big fat face!

  54. Olivia says:

    OH he is so funny! What a cutie pie :P He sure doesn't mind being put in a fruit basket or anything – how sweet!

  55. bel says:

    I always wondered about the Japanese arm-waving neko cat figurines. Thought hmmm…that is not what Asian cats look like.

    But after seeing many Japanese cats online, indeed they resemble & behave like Shironeko here – I have to admit, the neko cat figurines are SPOT ON !!! ^_^

  56. Ain Porcelain says:

    agreed with Lively,

    is he always that sleepy? hahaa..

    a cutee and plump cat! :D

  57. Natha Haynes says:

    So precious! He's a snuggle cat for sure.

  58. Ashley says:

    Shironeko loves to lay on his back. He's definitely a relaxed cat. Such a pretty coat!

  59. buthie says:

    LOL. Sleepy cute and funny

  60. Hezoid says:

    What adorable piccies! I especially love the last one where he is laid between two other cats, on his back and with his feet up in the air!

  61. Star says:

    I passion him so Much !!

  62. sea says:

    Hilarious, but a bit scary.

  63. mia says:

    seriously, Shironeko made me missed my cats, they're in heaven now

  64. bel says:

    Hee, reaction usually reserved for babies but this kitty has very pinchable cheeks ^_^

    I thought those plush toys featuring wide faces were greatly exaggerated until I saw this fellow hehehehhe

  65. Angela says:

    I love them all! Kawaii desu ne! Thank you for sharing!

  66. Jessica says:

    This made me smile. Such an awesome cat! :)

  67. Mary says:

    Definitely a very laid back pussins! Hoping he and his family are alright.

  68. Rochelle says:

    He sure loves to nap!

  69. Lisa says:

    One of my cats has what I call "bedroom eyes"….he always looks like he's ready to fall asleep.

  70. Theresa says:

    Lol!!! Just too cute!

  71. kushka53 says:

    this poor cat clearly has feline narcolepsy. needs some meds!

  72. cute animals says:

    Awh sooooooo cute. Such a funny kitty. Just so non-chalante:P

  73. Amber says:

    Awww… this guy is so sweet and adorable. I especially love it when Shironeko sleeps with his paws up. So cute!

  74. Ingrid says:

    I finally get to know the name of the cat I see everywhere on internet! I LOOooooove Shiro :)

  75. Mama Roxy! says:

    I believe Shiro, Chibi (black & white), Chibi Bang (black & white with bigger mask), Tyatora (ginger) and Mimi (kitten with two different eye colors) are all their correct names, no?
    <3 :3 =^,,^=

  76. ursulina says:

    He’s adorable! I love the photos, so clear you can see individual hairs. :)

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