Muffin Before and After Pictures

This is Muffin, a beautiful Persian kitty whose hair was getting a bit too much, so her owner Betsy gave her a haircut.

For many long haired cats especially Persian and Himalayan cats, their hair tends to get matted. If the knots are not untangled or removed, they could cause a lot of pain to the cat. Brushing or combing out the knots is not always easy to some cats. While a lot of Persian cats are fine with it, some are very resistant. Even though the owner brushes the cat everyday, knots can still form.  Sometimes shaving is the least painful way these cat owners can do to help the little ones get rid of their matted fur. In summer, trimming their hair short can also help them cope with heat :).

Muffin loves to be pampered and has a wonderful personality :).

Check out her before and after pictures:


cute persian kitten muffin cat pic


Scroll down to see the after pictures:

cute muffin persian cat pic

After pictures:

cute muffin persian kitty cat pic

“We broke down and shaved Muffin. Poor little thing. It took her an entire week to adjust to all the hair being gone. The fur was just getting to be too much :(” – Betsy

cute muffin Persian kitten cat pic

“You can see how happy she is about her new haircut.” – Betsy

cute Persian kitten muffin cat pic

Photos courtesy of Betsy Cole. You can visit Betsy’s website at

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11 Responses to “Muffin Before and After Pictures”

  1. Brian says:

    That is one big floof cutie!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I love the fluffy furs but Muffin is adorable either way!

  3. Hendrieka says:

    If hubby does that to my persian i will pack my bags and take my kitty with with me.

  4. Tara says:

    She is so adorable :). I know Persian cats get knots very often, so do Maine Coon cats. Sometimes shaving is necessary to help them get rid of knots in a painless way.

  5. Aw, we think they call that a lion cut…so Muffin should think she's a big lion!!

  6. Oh, poor Muffin. But Rusty is floofy and he had to be shaved once, so we understand.

  7. kate says:

    she's a beautifull cat but did u have to send her to boot camp?!!!! the poor thing looks naked! if i were her i think i'd pee in ur shoes for revenge!

  8. that's ugly says:

    ugh. poor cat.

  9. Dee says:

    I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago and have a similar situation with my boy cat. No matter what, he is in desperate need to be shaved. Problem is, when I finally take him to the groomer, he comes out looking great but is traumatized for weeks after. Does anyone know of someone willing to groom cats at our house?? I hate the thought of having to put him through the traumatic experience once again, however it must be done…..for his own health and benefit. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks much……

  10. jen says:


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