This Tuxedo Kitten Loves to Hide in Sleeves

cute kitten like sleeves and pants pic

Radesh loves to hide in the sleeve and stick out his paw to grab anything that passes by

This is Radesh, a frisky little tuxedo kitten who loves sleeves, I mean REALLY LOVE sleeves! He slips into his hooman’s sweater and finds the sleeve exceptionally comfortable. To him, it is a great hiding spot where he thinks he is completely hidden and no one can detect him because of his camouflage. If you slide a dangling toy in front of his eyes, he will stick his paw out of the sleeve to try to get it.

Cats often find the most unexpected places – between the couch cushions, small boxes, shoes, sleeves, pants, etc- to get into to cozy up or to play. Cats are curious, they love to hide and lurk – part of their predator instinct – and they love places that are squishy, cozy and snug.

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cute tuxedo kitten hiding in sleeve

cute tuxedo kitten who likes sleeves pic

cute tuxedo kitten loves sleeves

"Nothing stops the worm cat"

cute tuxedo kitten loves sleeves

"Come here! Darn it!"

cute tuxedo kitten loves sleeves

cute tuxedo kitten loves sleeves pic

Photo credit: Magic Madzik

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7 Responses to “This Tuxedo Kitten Loves to Hide in Sleeves”

  1. Jenna says:

    omg I love it….I wish my cat did that….he just sleeps on the piano and keeps watch on the dog….haha…too cute

  2. mina says:

    its suprising that he doesnt feel claustrophobic in there!

  3. Tara says:

    My cat does that too! He loves to hide in my jacket. when I walk by, he will stick out his paw to grab me. It's really funny.

  4. Rochelle♥ says:

    Looks like a cocoon cat like the 'caterpillar cat'!

  5. Brian says:

    That made all of our whiskers grin up!

  6. janie jones says:

    Haha the last picture kills me. I couldn't stand something that snug and claustrophobic, but if that cat likes it, that's awesome.

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