Interview with Maru the Cat

maru in a box cute scottish fold cat pic

Maru, ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat when he was a kitten

Maru when he was a kitten ©mugumogu

Remember the Japanese cat who has won millions of people’s hearts on YouTube with his silly antics and obsession for boxes? Maru, a perk-eared Scottish Fold, has become an internet meme and even appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and various other TV shows in the US and many other countries. We have spoken to Maru and his hooman and got the inside scoop on Maru’s life.

When Maru first entered his home, he was only four months old, but he weighed over 5 lbs (2.4kg) already. Maru has always been a pudgy cat (now 5.5kg or 12.1lbs). The name “Maru” means “round” in Japanese, but according to Maru’s hooman, Mugumogu did not name him because of his round shape. The name was decided before Maru arrived. It is a short name and easy for the cat to understand.

Maru’s obsession with boxes started when he was a little kitten. He played with boxes and used them as beds. Maru is mischievous and loves to command attention. He will act silly on purpose in order to get people to notice him. Maru loves to play with water. Whenever Mugumogu is washing up in the bathroom, Maru will join in and swat the water with his little paws.

In November 2007, Maru decided to start his own blog to share his stories with the world. It was July, 2008 when Maru uploaded his first YouTube video. His videos became so popular that there was a whirlwind of Maru love sweeping through the Internet. More than 48,000 people have subscribed to Maru’s YouTube channel and more than 46 million views have been generated by cat lovers and Maru’s fans from all over the world. (Currently Maru does not have a Facebook page, you can follow Maru’s twitter @Maru_0524 and visit Maru at his blog or YouTube Channel)

cute cat maru in the sink

Maru loves the sink ©mugumogu

Below interview is translated by Yuki Shirase. See interview in both Japanese and English here. Thanks Maru for the link back :) .

Amy: How did you meet your family?

Maru: I was 4 months old when I moved here in September 2007. I don’t remember how I got here, but I was told that my hooman fell in love with me when saw me at first sight.

Amy: What kind of food do you like?

Maru: I usually eat both dry food and wet food. My favorite food is chicken and tuna.

Amy: What do you do everyday?

Maru: Sleep, eat, and play. My hooman always says that I live a life that everybody envies.

Amy: What’s your favorite toy?

Maru: I love to play with a feather wand or whatever my hooman attaches to the wand. I also play Hide and Seek with my hooman and then chase my hooman around.

cute maru the cat hiding in a bag

Maru hiding in a bag ©mugumogu

Amy: Do you know you are famous on YouTube? What do you think about your fame on YouTube?

Maru: I don’t really know how famous I am, but my hooman sometimes tells me that “Everybody likes you, Maru.” I just don’t get it. I am always so busy sleeping, eating and playing everyday. My hooman says it is ok that I don’t understand as long as I am happy.

Amy: Do you like to play with other cats?

Maru: I have never played with other cats.

Amy: Why do you like boxes so much?

Maru: I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop going into a box when I see one. It just gets me so excited!

Amy: What else do you like besides boxes?

Maru: I love hanging out on top of a cat tree, by the window and in the bathroom.

cute maru the cat napping in a bucket

Maru trying to nap in a bucket ©mugumogu

Amy: Do you prefer big boxes or small boxes?

Maru: When I nap I like a small box because it is snug and fits me just right. However, when I play, I prefer a huge one :) .

Amy: Do you often play in the backyard? How do you like it?

Maru: It’s getting warmer lately, so I get to play in the backyard more often . My hooman puts me on a harness when I go out, so I get really excited whenever I see the harness. I like sun bathing, sniffing the air and looking for bugs when I am outside, but I get scared when I see birds flying over me.

Amy: What would you like to say to your fans from all over the world?

Maru: Hello, I am Maru. Thank you for loving me.

Maru is turning 3 years old on May 24th this year. Maru even has his own book published. His book is available in many countries.

cute maru playing with toys

Maru loves toys ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat hiding in laundry hamper

Maru hiding in a laundry hamper ©mugumogu

cute maru napping in a small box

There is no box that is too small for Maru ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat in cupperboard

Maru is excited that he can fit his body in this tiny cupboard ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat napping on couch

Maru napping on the couch ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat pic

Maru has a very round face doesn't he? ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat in a large box

Maru's obsession with boxes ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat hiding head in the box

Where is Maru's head? ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat in shoe box

"My head is here. I hid it." ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat big belly

"Check out my belly!" ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat playing with a box

"I can fit my body into any boxes!" ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat scratching

Maru exercising his claws ©mugumogu

cute maru the cat inspecting a box

"This box looks real good. I like." ©mugumogu

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150 Responses to “Interview with Maru the Cat”

  1. shida says:

    i love u Maru! everyday i'd checked ur blog to look for ur new pics.

  2. Danny says:

    Thank you Maru and mugumogu for the joy and peace you bring to this world ! Maru is an awsome cat !

  3. Jessie says:

    I LOVE MARU! She's so cute that I can't resist her. Her round face and shiny eyes make me smile…And… her satisfied look when she's in a box is so lovely : ) I wish I could be a cat like her and play like her~

  4. A.Rahne says:

    Oh I LOVE Maru So much!!!!

  5. Jasmin says:

    Maru, you can make me laugh from my belly every time. You’re such a special cat. I think a cat like you could be an incredible face for animal rights. Who couldn’t see how precious animals are when they see your antics.

    Look how happy you make everyone!! We all love you!

    And to Mugumogu; Your skills with photography and editing are brilliant. You capture Maru’s quirks perfectly and edit them into comic genious

    Thanks for making the world a better place!

  6. lilly says:

    hey awesome video

  7. JenP says:

    Maru is so beautiful. I love his face.

  8. Silvercowboy says:

    I absolutely adore you Maru. You are an awesome cat.
    Hi Maru my Kitty loves boxes as well, do you like looking under mats, my kitty does, I am sure he thinks there is something under there exciting for him to investigate.

  9. Mary says:

    I LOVE Maru. I travel often to Japan and I wish I could go meet Maru and give him a big huge hug and kiss that furry pudgy face!

  10. Chelsea says:

    What a sweet heart!

  11. Becky Mercer says:

    Maru, You are too cute. Love you.

  12. Monica says:

    I love Maru, he looks so fun!

  13. erin says:

    maru is very cute! i bet he is lots of fun!

  14. zakumi says:

    owh so cute……….

    i love maru

  15. Kirsi says:

    If I have a lousy day at work, watching Maru saves the day!

    Regards from Finland!

  16. papusan says:

    my brother and i love maru… he is a wonderful animal friend… why would he fit himself inside a box…

  17. CKYN says:

    so damn cute..

  18. Bev Vandel says:

    Maru, You are the funniest cat I know. Keep making your videos and sending out pics, because we love you.

  19. Kezbez says:

    I would love to squish Maru – those cheeks are something else!

  20. khim says:

    Maru is so cute!!!

  21. fatima says:

    Maru is adorable………………exactly like my cat choochoo

  22. Ingrid says:

    I just love Maru so much! Thank you for sharing Mugumogu

  23. Kacee says:

    Maru is ADORABLE. Thank you for sharing his story, pics and the interview is priceless. :)

  24. kary says:

    I love this cat, he is so cute, I love him!!!! His face is adoorableee!!

  25. Linda says:

    Maru, you are quite a celebrity! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  26. KinKStar says:

    I LOVE Me Some Maru!

    My KittIE Bob has markings very similar to Maru – especially his face, but he's a Pixie Bob with extra toes and a stubby tail.

  27. Martha says:

    Such a sweet Cat!

  28. Julie van Niekerk says:

    This cat is a model – where is the red carpet?

  29. Iffat says:

    What a cute, funny boy!

  30. Anonymous says:

    i love you Maru i just wish that i will get to meet you sometime i really wish that you lived someone near to where i live. I love your face and i love those paws they look just like white paws and that little spot you have on top of you nose. I can just snuggle you. Ohhhh and did i mention I luv you

  31. melanie miller says:

    I love Maru. What a wonderful cat.

  32. Moneth Abrio says:

    the first time i saw MARU in Youtube, i fell inlove. Maru is a smart, cute, huggable cat. i wish to see this cat in person. when will you have your world tour?

  33. Ashley says:

    Maru has such a personality. You can tell he loves the attention haha

  34. sea says:

    Maru and mugumogu thank you both for making me smile with your funny videos! I didn't know Scottish Fold cats and now I'm entirely in love with them. Maru is so special!

  35. leyla tsani says:

    what a wonderful cat…he doesnt realize that he stole everybody's heart with his silly him much

  36. Sonya says:

    Oh kitty you are so cute!!!!!

  37. vida says:


  38. laila says:

    OMG!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!

  39. nina says:

    maru, if you are ever in texas…my cat "rollie pollie" invites you to come over and play with his boxes. he loves running down the hallway and jumping into boxes, rolls around in them, jumps out and then does it again. the two of you would have great fun together…we love you!

  40. bertha says:

    I love you MARUUUUU!!!!! i want to squeeze your cheeks somebody (me) in Texas loves you :)

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