Man Raised His Rescued Tabby Kitten

cute abandoned kitten crying cat pic

Oh Hi! | photo by ©Jeremy K

Here is another story of a man who has saved lives of many abandoned and stray cats. Story and photos courtesy of ©Jeremy K.

Jeremy K has rescued many stray and abandoned cats in his life. One of them that he has built a close and special bond with was a beautiful tabby named Small C or Cici.

“He was abanadoned by someone and left behind my back door. It was not easy to feed him because he was only 2 weeks old,” said Jeremy.

Small C was very small and weak when he was found many years ago. Jeremy brought him inside his house, warmed him up and gave him food that he needed so desperately. He took care of the little kitten and fed him every 3 – 4 hours around the clock. Sometimes, he skipped sleep to make sure Small C was fed and doing all right.

“Fortunately he survived, and so did I.”

feeding cute tabby kitten pic

Feeding Cici around the clock | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten lying on computer

"This bed feels warm and comfy." | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten napping on computer laptop

Cici and his favorite "bed" | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten sleeping on computer laptop

Sometimes he used it as a pillow | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten napping on bed

"Stretchhhhhhhh" | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten walking

"My daddy is teaching me how to walk." | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten cat pic

Cici | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten biting hand cat pic

"Me like to nom nom my daddy's fingers." | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten cat pic

Wah! | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten napping cat pic

"I lovez napping with my daddy!" | photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby kitten cat pic

photo by ©Jeremy K

cute tabby cat in the sink pic

This story is dedicated to Cici who just left for the Rainbow Bridge recently.

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166 Responses to “Man Raised His Rescued Tabby Kitten”

  1. paco says:

    God loves this little angel :)

  2. JC says:

    I love this story! Bless you, Jeremy K, for rescuing little Cici. He's so sweet! And very handsome now that he's grown!

  3. OneCatsNip says:

    Oh your adorable! I bet you and your daddy have an amazingly wonderful bond!

  4. Dobbella says:

    what a blessing :)

  5. Great rescue! I LOVE the fat kitten tummy pix. What a good-looking cat CiCi grew up to be.

    xx Kat Mommy Trish

  6. Marie says:

    Those who have ever been blessed with hand rearing will know how rewarding it truly is and the bond you get is wonderous!

  7. Man, we all need this kindness in our lives. I, myself, have three cats and would love to be able to care for more, both cats and dogs, but my apartment doesn't permit it.

    Good for you, Jeremy K!

  8. LGT says:

    Aw how adorable,reminds me of my little Vivi. My Vi also likes to sleep on my keyboard. Bless Jeremy K.

  9. Alyssa says:

    I had to do the same for my kitten too, she's still very small today because of her not being able to eat like she should have after she was born. It's good to see someone doing this :)

  10. Gwen says:

    This site always leaves me in happy tears. Lovely story, kitty & Daddy.

  11. Brian says:

    You are beautiful! I loved your picture, have a wonderful weekend!!!

  12. eb says:

    you rock jeremy!

  13. Kelly says:

    Oh man that was so adorable!

  14. Vee says:

    This is so amazing. He looks so healthy. I work at an animal clinic, and we get people that "rescue" animals and they look horrible, even when they're healthy. You did a wonderful job, Jeremy. I wish more people had the kindness and facilities to take such good care of their pets.

    I also don't know many men that would go all out like this to take care of something. It's good to know that there are still a few guys left that are awesome like this. :)

  15. Cindi says:

    Beautiful cat and beautiful person for doing this. I have two cats (rescues) and two westies. If I could I would save all animals without homes. Keep up the good work Jeremy. You are a wonderful person.

  16. Abby says:

    Small C was an adorable baby who grew up to be a beautiful kitty.

    It is so heartwarming to know that good people exist and help……




  17. Bali Suut says:

    Jeremy if you,re not married yet marry me!!!

  18. janie jones says:

    Oh my, what a good cat daddy. Everyone should be as compassionate and loving. Small C was definitely left at the best house possible & its obvious his daddy loves him very much :) Thank you for helping him.

  19. Lee says:

    This has just made my morning. Many thanks

  20. Missy Prissy says:

    There should be more people like you in this world! Give Cici a kiss from me.

  21. Linda says:

    What an extremely lucky wee cat. He surely did land on his feet.

  22. Those pictures are all adorable – but I really love the stretchhhhhh one.

  23. jeremy k says:

    Thank you for your lovely words, althorgh Cici had gone for 3 months.

    He received much much loves when he's alive, even now when you see his photos, I can feel the love is still around, and you worm my heart.

    Thank you very much.

    I think the days when Cici's with me are the best time in my life. I miss Cici everyday.

  24. Shelley says:

    I loved looking at your pictures and reading the story below them. When I got to the bottom and I read about the "Rainbow Bridge" I immediately teared up. Cici will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge so you may cross it together … bless you

  25. Barb says:

    Beautiful pictures, thankyou for sharing. Nothing warms my heart more thn a man who loves animals, especially enough to take one in and give it a good life. I am sorry he is gone now but he would have never lived if not for you…Hugs

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Cici was a gorgeous baby; I'm so sorry for his loss, Jeremy…You never stop loving and missing these sweet babies.

  27. Kaya says:

    Aww I rescued a tabby kitten when he was 6 weeks old. My sister found him on a sidewalk, too injured to move. We took him into our home, with a broken leg and a paralyzed tail. He now has the marks to prove how mighty he is. He has a stubby short tail from where it fell off (it was dead when we found him) and a limp in his leg. His name Mighty really suits him. :)

  28. DianeHorseriderusa says:

    All of the above comments would be ones I would add…regarding Cici and Jeremy…We need more people who have a heart. The Rainbow Bridge is quite popular ….I hope it is true =^,,^=

  29. swine says:

    People like you and all the people that have commented on these pictures give me hope for the human race. We had two "Room mates" for 19 and 20 years, and though saddened by their leaving, we have been gifted by visits from all the other cool cats in the neighborhood. (Chance and Tigh and the wee little black kitty) who have taken over the duties of pooping in our garden and keeping us amused with their antics.

    Cheers and good fortune everyone!

  30. suzanne says:

    Wow! Nice to hear of a true good-hearted person!!

  31. Precia says:

    This is beautiful. The world needs more people like you. I'm so sorry, my dog recently left for Rainbow Bridge as well. I feel your pain.

  32. Cindy says:

    There is such a bond with a wee one that has to be bottle fed. I know that when I bottle feed the baby will end up staying with me, instead of being adopted. This is a beautiful kitty who was so fortunate to find a great human father. Best wishes to you both!

  33. Cindy says:

    I'm so sorry I did not read that CiCi has passed over. I have always heard that heaven is paradise, if so, my kitties will be waiting for me there…if not, the reports of paradise are false.

  34. Nicky says:

    i love this. made me happy.. love your adorable kitty :)

  35. Ann says:

    Thank you so much for showing this sweetie your love!

  36. SK says:

    Way too cute. :)

  37. Theresa Marquez says:

    I am so sorry about your dearly departed. Think of the good times you had together and you will be able to move on more smoothly. What a precious kitty!!

  38. Paula says:

    Lovely little kitty and well taken care of!!! I'm sorry for your loss, I know the pain. I just lost my Batty Boy in Feb. and it hurts everyday!!! A male that loves cats, what a joy!!!

  39. AMR says:

    What an adorable cat. I can see he was well taken care of. I'm sorry for your loss. My very first dog just recently passed as well, so I know how hard it can be. They're part of your family.

  40. Lucinda says:

    Bless your heart for helping Cici to survive. You get great satisfaction from helping the helpless and I can see that Cici was taken care of very well. I'm so sorry for your loss!

    I too have rescued many strays and am known as the "Cat Lady" with the youngest being 1 week old so I bottle fed him and he is now 10 months. I have found many of my strays a home over the years but can't part with 9 of them. I love this website and thank you Jeremy K for sharing your story of your sweet Cici.

  41. Lauren says:

    What a sweet tiny little thing. He grew up into a handsome man.R.I.P. cici.

  42. buzz says:

    we are never so strong and powerful as when we honor the fragile lives of abandoned, abused and venerable animals. we are stewards and we are enriched when anyone blesses the delicate lives of these beings. bless you and bless these creatures. its love in a pure and true form.of course your loss is painful, but your gift is enormous. i have had many feral cats, with time and patience i have been graced with the miracle of their love and acceptance. bless u and bless others for caring for these beautiful creatures.

  43. jen says:

    how adorable! great rescue story!!

  44. Thomas says:

    You can see the beauty of a human soul by how he treats animals.

  45. Angel says:

    I have to agree with Bali Suut! My area needs more men like Jeremy! jeremy, you must be an absolutely wonderful person to care for this tiny animal so much. I am glad that Small C survived and shared his love with you for years.

  46. megan says:

    aww reminds me of the kitten i rescued :3

  47. Cathie says:

    What a cutie!! I'm so sorry to read about his passing. When I die I want to be reunited for my animal family and I know you will too.

  48. David M says:

    Very touching story. My thoughts go out to you and Cici. I hope Cici has a very happy afterlife.

  49. Michael says:

    This is a great story :-)

  50. Leslie says:

    How cute. Yes, I wish there were more people like you. It's a shame when people take kittens away from their mothers.

  51. Laura says:

    that's a very sweet story, im sure cici had an amazing life and he'll be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge :)

  52. :) says:

    Gatito :)

  53. Carley says:

    what an adorable story, keep sharing.

  54. bobby says:

    whats the rainbow bridge?

  55. Mary Johnson says:

    Love this story.Cici is the most beautiful cat.

  56. pd says:

    I'm sorry CiCi is gone, but glad he had a good home.

  57. Stephie Rose says:

    You have brought me to tears…. nice to know there are people who still love and care for animals. I am so sorry for the loss of Cici, but he was a very lucky kitty and absolutely beautiful. Peace & Love

  58. justin says:

    how cute

  59. Etna says:

    What a heartwarming story. The pictures are adorable! Cici was very lucky to have ended up on such a kind person's doorstep. You're a great person for all that you did for him <3

  60. Jessica. says:

    awh, this is wonderful!

  61. jimbo says:

    cici had a good life, and that's what counts :) She's happy up there.. Moving story, indeed!

  62. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely story.

  63. jade says:

    You are a wonderful man for taking care of CiCi it is obvious how much you loved him. I have a cici his is 13 years old now, i can't imagine life without him

  64. gabi says:

    omg i almost cried when i saw the handsome, healthy grown up kitty! you took of him so well and gave him so much love, it's so heartwarming!!

  65. Margaret says:

    I volunteered at the Peninsula Humane Society where we had many Cicis. Most had happy endings; some not so much due to disease (once a litter has something, the whole litter had to be destroyed). But we still saved and found homes for many, just like Cici. Best thing I ever did in my life. You are a fine human; not too many of us out there. I learned you cannot save 'em all….but even just one makes a huge difference. Cici is thinking of you each day and night, but is so happy…chasing bunnies, napping, playing with pals. Certainly there is an animal heaven. What deserves a Heaven more? Innocent animals.

  66. sir jorge says:

    that is such a cute cat, and a great story

  67. Melody says:

    What a great story. It reminds me of a 2 week old kitten I rescued a few years ago. He became the best "daddy" substitute for my other cats. Lucky had to be put to sleep during a serious illness at the age of 7. I still miss him but I'm sure there's a place in heaven for him where he has other kittens to take care of just as he did mine.

  68. jill holland says:

    Loved the story. So glad Cici was saved and obviously well loved.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to you for being such a caring person. This kitty reminds me of my kitty who we rescued as well.

  70. Shannon says:

    So sweet but not sure if he rescued the cat or vice versa. So very sorry for the loss of this little angel. He will be waiting for you at heavens door.

  71. Irina says:

    WOW! Gorgeous pictures! I wish all people were as generous as you :) Why did Cici pass?

  72. lin says:

    thank you for your compassion…my neighborhood they would of kicked it and/or thrown rocks at it….

  73. Suzanne says:

    Love to hear that there are people who love animals as much as me!!! And cats that we bottle feed are especially dear to our hearts. When they pass away it is difficult on us as caretakers, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that they are in a better place, and they will be there to meet us when our time comes. Love you

  74. bobbi says:

    Jeremy..I love reading your rescue stories. It comforts me to know there are people who take the time to care. ( I know all about the "around the clock feedings" as my babes was also found at 2 weeks old and abandoned)You rock dude.

  75. Hazel says:

    Hello Jeremy, you are such a good man, the kitty might not live without you.

  76. Darcy says:

    What an amazingly sweet story. I'll bet he was the most loved cat around and I'll bet his love for you was just as great. Gosh it is hard to lose them but what a wonderful life he had. Who could ask for more? Thank you so much for sharing this story.

  77. Peter says:

    He didn't get very old as it seems – what happened??

  78. Corey says:

    What do you mean by the Rainbow Bridge? im like 13 and i dont know what you mean

  79. jeremy k says:

    Hi again, I'm Jeremy K, Thank you for all your sweet messages.

    Cici was very sick and painful in his last month, and my heart broke everytime when I look his eyes.

    Cici is definitely my favorite one, and I really don't want these pains keep hurting Cici, I think that's enough. So I decided to let him go.

    Although Cici was gone for 6 months, I think Cici never leave us.

    Everytime I see Cici's pictures, they always make me smile, like Cici's always that small and tiny, you can hold him in your palms.

    Cici is very special cat for me, May you find the special cat of yourown.

    Jeremy K

    • Christy says:

      Awww, Jeremy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I also have a sick cat (6 years old) that I raised with a bottle after its mother ran away. It hurts to see your kitty sick.

  80. Jenna says:

    You are truly a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your story with us =)

  81. ryan says:

    brought me to tears. :) you are an inspiration.

  82. Jayme says:

    What a beautiful furbaby you were blessed with. I had one of my furbabies taken far too soon 2 years ago and I still miss him terribly. your story brought tears to my eye.

  83. Sam says:

    What a story! It's a sweet tale, even if it's ended…

    I have a rescued kitty grown up with me and my family, a black-and-white feline female, who is still springing all over the house :) (and scratching with other two female cats :/ ) and she has 10 y.o. yet! :D

    But I lost my only male cat, a beautiful black panther-like, at age of 11 y.o. only one month ago, hoping he reached the Rainbow Bridge too.

  84. Hidroponica says:

    Me dio mucha pena saber que ya se fue al cielo , fui viendo las fotos y recordo a mi bebe que tambien crie desde recien nacido y murio hace un mes de leucemia :(

  85. jillian says:

    THEY ALL REACH THE RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!…lots of toys and treats there for them..great story..a hug to jeremy..

  86. rita says:

    i too have rescued cats & kittens. they give you so much love back. i now have 12,4y. to right, if they aren't welcome i don't go.the dog is also rescued, she's5y. all spayed &neutered. the dog takes care of them & they take care of her. so cute to watch them clean each other. they all take care of me.they are all GOD's little angels.

  87. Sue says:

    what an awesome story. cici and you will be together again…. >^..^<

  88. Kitty says:

    That is very touching! Very sweet cat you have there, who likes to sleep on laptops. My cat, Fatboy/Hawk sleeps in my cabinets. Thanks for saving Little C

  89. santana says:

    ther so cute <3 :)

  90. Rissa says:

    What a wonderful story. I raised two kittens by hand about a year ago. My husband found one in the parking lot where he worked, and the other was found by my parents in the street about three weeks later.

    The first one we found (we named him Jeremy – weird coincidence!) was a week old when he came to us. His eyes and ears were shut, and all he could do was squeal, but he latched onto a bottle on the first try – he definitely wanted to live. The second (we named him Grobie) was about four weeks old and took a little more work, but we managed it.

    They both live with my parents now and are two of the most spoiled cats you'll ever meet.

    It's a wonderful feeling, and I'm so thankful that there are others out there who are willing to open their hearts to a helpless animal too.

  91. LALA says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW! I absolutely love kittens and Cici is soo cute! My kitten loves to nom nom on my fingers!

    What a great story! I'm sure Cici will love to have a visit from you!

  92. bel says:

    Cici was a very cute & sweet-looking boy. I am very very sorry for your loss :(((

    He was very cute on the laptop!!!

    May we join our beloved ones at the Rainbow Bridge one day too.

  93. pagansoul says:

    Other that my own cat, Hammy, I have many pictures of CiCi on my computer. Jeremy is great at taking pictures of his cats. I'm sorry about hearing about CiCi passing. I've always loved his face.

  94. jeandarc says:

    Love is a wonderful thing. Cici will greet you when you're ready for the Rainbow Bridge.

  95. We could look at these cuties for hours. They are funny, adorable, and we wish we could adopt them all.

  96. Touched says:

    My brother and his cat Miss Kitty has the same bond. Her mom abandoned her because she was weak and my brother bottle fed her for weeks and nursed her back to health. She i 5 years old now

  97. Alex says:

    My deepest personal condolences on your loss. When I was 16, I found a 16-day-old kitten in my grandmother's backyard, looking more like a drowned rat than a feline ( my mother screamed, "J…..C….., what the hell is THAT?!! My God, put it back!") His mother, a kitten herself, had abandoned him. In this neighborhood, the cats know to run at the sight of a biped, which I imagine he would have done…had his eyes not been sealed shut from a monstrous infection. I was coming out of a horrible depression, and probably would not have survived if he hadn't. That cat probably loved you more than any human could possibly demonstrate, and will be with you for the rest of your life because of that love. As for my lucky tough guy, he is 14…and hopefully has more time left. You have done better than so many others have, and although I have no doubt you have heard it before (as spoken by Leslie), never forget what that love provided, or that he will never leave you. My compliments on your goodness…and my respects.

  98. Lexie says:

    Such a sweet story, and a beautiful cat! I started to cry when I read the last line. You can rest assured that your Cici was happy and felt love every day because of your kindness.

  99. Larry says:

    made my cry

  100. Beverly says:

    Bless you for being the man you are, for caring for these precious babies. I know that Cici is playing happily and waiting for you on the other side…

  101. caroline says:

    nothing moves me more than men who love cats! The dedication Jemery K! God bless! You have a friend for life with Cici, and I'm sure that goes both ways

  102. M.J. says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL story! :)

  103. Vivi says:

    i love cici..anh i love dad of cici

  104. hj says:

    cats are angels sent to keep an eye on our fretful lives.

  105. lucy says:

    those kittens are so cute

  106. Linzi says:

    my heart and my tears are with you….

  107. christina says:

    So sorry for your loss…he is a beautiful boy much like my Ignatius….another rescue kitty. I have three…and I cannot imagine life without my beautiful catz

  108. Martha says:

    I don't care if this man has 3 heads and green skin and is 1 foot tall ! I want to marry him! What an adorable kitten; God bless this man!!

  109. DianeHorseriderusa says:

    Jeremy, Thanks for sharing Cici's story ..give you so much credit for caring for him until it was time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge..Lost one of our feline famiy members named, " Squeaky", in February 2010…she was almost 16 yrs of age…she hung on for dear life, for an unknown reason limping around on 3 legs. Ironically, her original owner, my mother, had passed away exactly one year prior to Squeaky's passing. Both had cancer. Felt like sharing that with you. can relate to your pain and memories in a way. There should be more men in this world with a heart like yours..who likes cats :) =^,,^= Happy Holidays. Sign me, Tearful, Diane

  110. nia says:

    my baby just left for the rainbow bridge as well. i raised her with a bottle too….your story touched my heart so badly

  111. Milena says:

    Adorable… You are great person and my idol :)

  112. Gemmaloue says:

    Aww,CiCi was such a very lucky kitten.Its sad that he has passed on now,but his is such a lovely story.He must have had a very special bond with his owner,having been hand-reared by him.

  113. erica says:

    i really love kittens there so playful and lovable

  114. These pictures are adorable. This made me smile.

  115. Nik says:

    So litlle, so sweet

  116. misssunshine says:

    Love, love, love you Cici! Jeremy, you are a good kitty daddy.

  117. Pam M says:

    God Bless you and all the little kitties! I'm so sorry for your loss. Ci-Ci was a beautiful kitty. It takes a special person like yourself to do what you did. It is not a usual thing that men do, but my sons are like you, they love cats and are not afraid to show it! These precious creatures are a gift and it is up to us all to care for them and in return they give us unconditional love. How can you beat that! Jeremy, you are the man!God love ya!

  118. Pam says:

    Good for you Jeremy!!! A real man loves cats!!

    Hope you and Cici are both well =)

  119. Patrick says:

    I also raised a tabby I found abandoned about 2 weeks old. I cant say she's the best cat in the world but I still love her.

  120. aerie says:

    Guys that love cats are the ultimate hawties. For many reasons. It's a character thing. It's an excellent way out the some of the bad ones.

  121. Bless you for taking this little one in. I had a similar experience and my little one named Moochie has just passed the year mark and is one mischevious cat. I have 3 ferals that I take care of and 3 indoor cats which I rescued. Sometimes kittens are abandoned by their mothers. My Moochie was the runt and was left under my bedroom near my bed. His mother new I would help out the littlest of the litter.

  122. Dean says:

    Wonderful story. :D

    Your dedication to that little kitty moved me.

    He grew up to be quite a fine specimen. <3

  123. Dawn says:

    What a wonderful story and what a great guy! Such an adorable little baby.

  124. john shoe says:

    a huge THANK YOU to Jeremy :-) The love and compassion you've ostensibly shown for this precious Angel is great . Cici grew from a frail tyke to a handsome guy ; I'm truly sorry for your loss of his physical form ; his Spirit lives on forever . And , yes , I'm crying as I'm typing this reply . Animal companions are our superiors . You've shown them great respect . Thanks again :-)

  125. Markus says:

    You rock Jeremy!

    This is a great story :)

  126. NAN says:

    Beautiful story, wonderful pictures, one adorable little cat that was well loved and returned that love to you 10 fold. He's in a very "Happy Place" now at the Rainbow Bridge and you will always have the many, many great memories of him.

  127. cute animals says:

    Sooo adorable. Such cute pictures and captions. Im sorry about Cici, it looks like she had a really good owner. RIP beautiful kitty.

  128. Roman says:

    Cici thinks as she is lying on the laptop: "I is erasing ya files! Nau ul spend more time wiz meh!" :)

  129. Lauren says:

    Now there is a real man!

  130. Bunni says:

    Jeremy, God Bless you! Little Cici is at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for you and watching over you.

  131. Tami says:

    Oh my – what an angel. Love him sleeping on the Mac! :)

  132. norsham says:

    such a handsome kitty! love the eyes!

  133. Sue Bee says:

    *swoon* A man that rescues cats! Just perfection, in my opinion. I am so glad you and Cici found each other and had several years together. My wish for you is that other kitties find their way to you and you work your love and magic on them as well!

    • Mike Urciolo says:

      Sue Bee – you sound surprised that a man rescued (and obviously likes) cats.

      A lot of women feel that way, but it’s just not true. What IS true is that most men won’t admit to liking them.

      When a male friend kids me about my liking cats, I tell him, “Cats are VERY masculine animals! They like to hunt, they sleep 20 hours a day and they pee wherever they feel like it. If THAT doesn’t describe the All-American male, what does?”

  134. Mike Urciolo says:

    How about a picture of Jeremy who rescued Cici in the first place?


  135. Kitt says:

    That’s a great story. And only 2 weeks old! Nice job!

  136. Sarah says:

    Thank you to Jeremy and all who have and continue to rescue and give love and a home to animals in need, many blessings to you all.

  137. Gizoomie says:

    My gizoomie passed five months ago it was the hardest day of my life

  138. harmony says:

    What a beautiful story – shining and vibrating with the love Jeremy and Cici had / have for each other!

    Jeremy, I feel for your loss. I also feel the joy, awe and respect you have for the special relationship you and Cici shared. Thank you for for sharing it with us.

  139. TinyBundleOfJoy says:

    Wow . Amazing Kitten . Also Really Cute . :)

  140. NNY says:

    oh no what happened to him?! When did he pass away :[

    I foster kittens too, I had the opportunity and kept one of them (I’ve had her since she was 10 days old). The bond we share is like no other though. I’m so happy she’s in my life

  141. Druscilla says:

    This is great! If only all people were that kind and generous…all the animals would be safe and happy. And this little fellow is so cute! Great work, Jeremy K! This world needs people like you!

  142. Jamie says:

    Bittersweet tears. *hugs*

  143. Deb says:

    Thankfully this beautiful be’be’ had a very rich life. Ironic when you think about it; a human probably discarded him as a wee one, but a far better human gave him a home and lots of love.

  144. May God Bless you, for taking that dear little soul in and opening your heart to love and nurture him with the intense care he must have so desperately needed. You were meant to find each other. One day, you will find each other again. The love you shared was so obvious in the way he loved to be so close to you.
    Beautiful story which (after reading some sad blog entries today about man’s continuing cruelty) has helped to show me once again there are still millions of good souls left in this world of growing inhumanity to one another.

  145. Vicki says:

    You are a wonderful human being and I wish that ALL of us did things like this in our lives. I too have a bit of rescue kitty – she fell from a 5th floor balcony to the 2nd floor – not a scratch! (thank god) – also very young (my arm has the suckle marks to prove it!)..I am glad you had a wonderful life with your kitty – he was very lucky to have you and I know he’s having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge – he’s got tons of “folks” to keep him company!

  146. Mark says:

    No animal should EVER be abandoned or ignored. They love you unconditionally, or untill the food runs out. Lol
    Great job on the rescue. Never stop.

  147. merry says:

    cici is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  148. merry says:

    i wish i had that cat i lovvvvvvvvvvve it so i fell like squiZAYN him or her soooo cute

  149. Debra Olsen says:

    This little kitty-kat was adorable beyond words. The photos chronicling his life are wonderful. I love the first big *hello* of him & the feedings. It’s so sad about his passing…heartbreaking story. Beautiful furry baby RIP.

  150. Monica says:

    WOW, the pics of that wee baby on the laptop and curled up in the bed are just too cute. Plus nothing sexier that a man with a heart that loves little animals!!!!!!!!!! luv u Jeremy K!!!! Keep up he great work!

  151. Monica says:

    I absolutely love all your photos on Flickr. what a beautiful person you must be

  152. Vickie says:

    It’s hard enough when you lose a pet you love. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be when you dedicate so much of yourself to nurse a little in their very beginning of life. Thank God for pictures and memories. Awesome story.

  153. Bianca Rey says:

    Iove you Jeremy by just being this special person on Earth who makes my heart lighter everytime I see/read stories like this! Small C became a handsome boy. You two are on my heart forever!

  154. Alicia says:

    so adorable. I’ve had this bookmarked forever and look at it every few months.

  155. Jay says:

    What a wonderful thing you have done for CiCi… I know his loss was a tremendous blow. I adopted Buddy in Mesa, AZ from the Humane Society there. He was 3 months old, sassy but very frightened. I wanted another female but he was so adamant about wanting to come home with me…. What a handsome and funny little guy he was! I loved him immediately.., and did so for exactly 16 years forward. He became my best pal, my best boy in the whole world…. I loved him more than I can express. He left me on October 17, 2012 at 5:17 AM… asleep on his magic pillow at the corner of my bed with me, just as he did all of his life.
    I knew the day was coming but I was not prepared for the ache in my heart that comes from missing him so much. I gave him all the love, affection, and care that one could… no regrets… just a void in my heart….
    Bless you my sweet BuddyBoy… rest in peace…

  156. Derp says:

    sweet!! :D

  157. Such a beautiful story… bless you

  158. dru says:

    bless u, Jeremy… u’r wee kitten <3

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