cute ginger cat playing with a falling leave
I can levitate a leaf | ©Jenna Johanna

Russi a lovely ginger cat is so loving and affectionate that no one can tell that he was once a feral cat. This is Russi’s story by his hooman, Jenna Johanna.

Russi was born in may 2006. When he arrived to my (Jenna’s) house together with his brothers, he was a feral. It took me months before I could even touch him the first time. It was a long trusting process, but today I almost can’t remember that he used to be so scared of people. He is the most loving and trusting cat.

cute ginger cat jumping high
I can levitate myself too! | ©Jenna Johanna

He lives with me, my husband and his brother Pixie and sisters Sonja, Sally and Bulli. Russi is the boss of the catclan. When he enters the room all other cats look up and pay attention to him. They all have lots of respect for Russi. He always gets his way and makes sure everyone lives by his rules!

cute ginger cat in a tree
Turn off that flashy box would you? | ©Jenna Johanna

Russis’ favorite hobbies are run after flying fresbees, catch snowballs and walk his hoomans outside. He also likes snow and loves to play and roll in it. He has no problem with sleeping and doing absolutely nothing for a whole day. But mostly he is a very active cat that loves to run and have fun.

Photos courtesy of ©Jenna Johanna.

cute ginger cat lying on snow
"I lovez snow!" | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat sitting on snow
My favorite part of the day is to go out and play in the snow! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat catching snowflakes
Hiya! Snowflakes! I catch you! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat catching snowballs
Snowball! I catch you too! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat catches snowball snow
Gotcha! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat walking on snow
They call me The Man! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat wiping car windshield
I do a much better job than the windshield wipers | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat funny face
Come on down camera! Let's duke it out! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat walking on a log by the lake
I have no fear! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat sitting in the tree looking
I am supervising my hoomans! | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat napping under the sun
What's better than taking a nap on a sunny day in my favorite place? | ©Jenna Johanna
cute ginger cat hiding in bag
This bag is MINE! Go get your own! | ©Jenna Johanna