A Family of Eight

cute burmese cats

Yuki (L) and Mizu (R) perched on our bookcase. Yuki is cross-eyed. You can see how the edge of the bookcase has suffered from their attempts to climb up there. | photo by ©Jim Skea

Written by Jim Skea from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Along the years, 11 cats have shared our apartments. In the beginning there were the Two Brothers, Obelix and Psi. Later Pim arrived, rescued from Gloria Marina where we found her injured. The vet advised us that she should stay home and be cared for for a couple of weeks. She’s still with us today.

Psi passed away before I got my first digital camera. Obelix lived a little longer, but went ahead in 2006. Only Pim remained. Those were peaceful times.

One fine afternoon, a Burmese named Mikita arrived in the apartment. She was not treated well by her previous owner. However, after she came to us, she adjusted quickly in her new home and put on some weight.

cute cat family sleeping on couch

Group nap! | photo by ©Jim Skea

Soon we began to suspect that she might be pregnant. She must have mated a couple of days before she arrived. And sure enough, 8 weeks later, she gave birth to six kittens: Yami, Yuki, Mizu, Nunki, Panda and Pandora.

I did not want to give away the kittens singly. I wanted to give them away in pairs, but none of my friends wanted two cats, so we ended up keeping them all.

Photos courtesy of ©Jim Skea. Check out more photos of these kitties here.

cute black cat touching white cat

Yami decides to annoy Yuki just for the heck of it. Brothers! | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cats playing together

Fron left to right: Yami, Yuki, Pandora and Mizu playing in the closet which, for the moment, has been cleared out to make way for a refurbishment. | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute burmese cats playing in shower room

Having already mastered the art of solo acrobatics, Mizu and Yuki are now training for the acrobatic pairs on top of the shower stall. | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cats napping and kissing
cute cat flying across kitchen

"I am flying across the room!" | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cats napping together

Mizu (front) and Yuki (rear)... or it could be the other way around :). | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute funny burmese cat sticking out from a box

Yuki is showing us why he's nicknamed 'vesguinho' (cross-eyed). | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cats playing

Wrestling! | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cat standing on shower stall

No showerz! | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute black cat hanging off the rack

"Hanging in there!" | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute burmese cat relaxing in sink

Mizu relaxing in the sink | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute standing cats about to fight

A stand off between Pandora (L) and Nunki (R) to see who'll be the king of the closet. | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute fluffy cat jumping off shower stall

Nunki shows us how to get down from the top of a shower stall. | photo by ©Jim Skea
cute burmese cat staring from the sink

With 8 cats in the house, every available space is used to sleep in. | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute burmese cat climbing up

Mizu does everything possible to investigate an insect on the kitchen light. | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute fluffy cat sitting on toilet

"No you are not permitted to use this." | photo by ©Jim Skea

cute cats playing with balloon

The cats saw a balloon for the first time. They also heard the noise it made when you stick your claws into one. | photo by ©Jim Skea

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27 Responses to “A Family of Eight”

  1. Coribee says:

    D: ADORABLE. The acrobatic show made my parents and I laugh hard.

  2. heidi says:

    georgious! What a bunch of extremly pretty kittens, and such great photographs!!!

  3. Helia says:

    Absolutely lovely! I'm amazed there are still stories like this one! Congratulations to the proud owner of these beautiful cats.

  4. sillylupie says:

    These are really great photographs!!!!

    One big happy family!

  5. Brian says:

    What a terrific bunch, and quite talented too!!!

  6. Marilia says:

    I love this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Lori says:

    Oh my, what an awesome family. Never a boring minute in that house. That just made me smile

  8. Ivana says:

    This photos just made my afternoon! 😀

  9. Kamila says:

    I love this, this is so sweet… I have two cats also, they are father and son :) Congratulations to your beautiful cats and also for rescuing and keeping all of them :)

  10. Nina says:

    awesome pics! nothing else left to say!

  11. Momo says:

    Absolutely wonderful pics. Eight kitties in a house, wow!!!!

  12. CheriD says:

    Great photos. I have a flame point Siamese who is a rescue. The flying across the room is brilliant!!!

  13. clara says:

    What an absolutely beautiful family of fur babies! My daughter (18 mo) loves these pictures she points to all of them and says "awwwww peetty keekee" (aw pretty kitty)

  14. Felicia says:

    Really lucky cats — and really good people!

  15. Nuria says:

    Wow, they are all beautiful!

  16. Anya says:

    Great story and pictures – I'd love to hug them all! We kept a whole litter once as well, but there were only 4. 20 years later, they are now gone, but over the years were "replaced" by others that literally wandered into our lives. We now have 8 :) I sure know how exciting and entertaining they can be!

  17. Danielle says:

    Great story! I fostered kittens once and kept two of the four. Wanted them all to myself tho. So glad to see there are wonderful people out there who care about kitties. :)

  18. elaine lively says:

    i love every one of the lovely cats and you are a very good photographer too!

  19. Hazel says:

    the photos are great, all cats are playful and cute!

  20. jennifer says:

    awesome photos….wonderful cats!!!

  21. J says:

    Great shots!

    Some years ago I had a cat I named Obelix. He was a fat boy, just like the cartoon character! I am totally amazed that someone else had a cat by that rather unusual name!!!

  22. Claudia says:

    <3 Love the pictures! Those cats are lucky to have you! And the other way around :)

  23. bel says:

    Ho, what great energetic kitties!!! The owners were wonderful to have kept the entire litter ^_^

  24. sandie ;) says:

    It's all been said above, but what the heck…it bears repeating: what a beautiful family!!!

  25. Monica says:

    They're all lovely brazilian cats!!!


    (Monica – Sao Paulo)

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