April Cat / Kitten of the Month Results

Voting has ended for April cat of the month. The votes are in. It was a very close match. The top 20 photos were neck and neck. All entries are winners in my eyes! :)

You can see all April photos in the Love Meow Gallery :) .

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You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of April Kitten of the Month: *drum roll*

cute kitten cleaning grooming


You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of April Cat of the Month: *drum roll*

cute bengal cat in paper bag

City the Kitty

Here are the 5 runner-ups of Kitten of the month:

cute ginger kitten in cage


cute calico kitten


cute siamese kitten


cute black kitten

Meow Meow Jr.

cute kitten hiding behind cover


Here are the 7 runner-ups of Cat of the month:

Cute tuxedo cat relaxing


cute cat in paper bag


cute cat cuddling napping with a kitten pic

Snowball & Isabella

cute cat looking out window


cute cat pic

Misty Blue Eyes

cute orange white cat meditating


cute beautiful cat pic


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10 Responses to “April Cat / Kitten of the Month Results”

  1. Heidi says:

    you are right – all of them are winners – their faces are speaking thousand words!

  2. Brian says:

    I totally agree, winners every one!

  3. Abby says:

    They are all so sweet and special and definitely all winners!



  4. Mommy is in love with every one!

    xx lounge kats

  5. Rosarinho says:

    Is a very difficult choise because they are all so sweet and so lovely .

    I am a cat lover

  6. eleanor cox says:

    All these cats/kittens are BEAUTIFUL.. I love cats………

  7. jill holland says:

    I love them all!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I haven't seen anything as gorgeous as a cat!

  9. Robbo says:

    All soooo cuuuute!!!!!

  10. Rosarinho says:

    My beautiful love.I´ts so hard and sad loose someone who we love.So cute my baby.Be happy on the rainbow.This life is very sad.

    From Portugal with love

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