Ginger Kitten Pixeli

cute ginger kitten yawning

Pixeli | photo by ©Fantasyfan

Pixeli and her four siblings live in a flat with their hooman Sanna Pudas, a software designer and photographer in Oulu, Finland, and her older cat Pipsa who loves to play with the kittens and take care of them as if they were her own.

Pixeli especially loves the camera. Whenever Sanna snaps photos of her, she never shies away from it. She gives different poses and when she is with other kitties, she will try to outshine them.

“She is so adorable and expressive that she often leaves her sister Elfaba in her shadow. Elfaba too is a cutie,” said Sanna.

cute ginger kitten being petted

Tender loving care | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten covers another kitten's eye

"Awww I can't see!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kittens nap time

Pixeli and Elfaba "I am looking over you!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute playful ginger kittens

"Oh nose! You fell... asleep!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten looking around sitting in a glass

"This vase is MINE now!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten strike a pose dancing move

"My pawsome dance move!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kittens being happy and silly

"Tee hee!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute adorable ginger kitten biting paw

"Really? I am a bit nervous!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten and tortie kitten

Sister love, Pixeli and Mytty | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten looking down

"wow I see something pawsome over there!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten wrestling with other kittnes

Wrestling! | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kittens sleeping

"My sister Elfaba is like my lovely shadow!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten sitting in glass

"I am hiding in the glass. You can't see me!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

cute ginger kitten snoozing

"It's time to switch on the snooze button!" | photo by ©Fantasyfan

Photos courtesy of Sanna Pudas


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15 Responses to “Ginger Kitten Pixeli”

  1. harmony says:


  2. Jenni says:

    MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! HOW CUTE! I am fainting from cuteness overload!

  3. Lillian says:

    Beautiful Angels

  4. Bren says:

    Just love all gingers

  5. Oh my gosh so CUTE!! Those are all such wonderful pictures!!

  6. janie jones says:

    I want all of them! Little blondie cats are so cute. I've never seen a black cat with an orangey streak like that before!

  7. Brian says:

    Loved all the pics, but that last one is so cute!!!

  8. Fin says:

    OMC how cuuute!!

  9. meowmeowmans says:

    Aw, so precious! :)

  10. So cute! I have a very soft spot for cream kitties.

  11. Rochelle says:

    Pixeli and Elfaba look like twins! Very sweet.

  12. Yew says:

    They're so lovely and expressive! :D

  13. jennifer says:

    sweet. :D

  14. buthie says:

    so tiny, so lovely…charming little cat :)

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