Marser and His Furry Cat Café Friends

cute cat at japanese cat cafe

Hinata from Neko Kazoku | photo by ©Marser

Marser, like many Japanese people from the younger generation, is not able to have cats in his home, but thanks to the cat cafés, he gets to hang out with his favorite furry buddies and spend quality time with them every day.

“There are 4 cat cafés in Kyoto and I have visited them all. There are probably over 100 cat cafés in Japan now,” said Marser.

“I love playing with cats, relaxing with one on my lap and having a conversation with another cat lover at the cat café.”

cute fluffy kitty at japanese cat cafe

"My job is to be pampered and have fun." | photo by ©Marser

Many of these furry residents are taken in from the local shelters and some of them may be adoptable. They are staff at the café and their job is to play, nap, eat and be spoiled and pampered.

Marser has fallen in love with every single cat he has met, but one of them has particularly captivated his heart by afar.

“Her name is Himawari which means sunflower. She is the staff of Neko Kaigi. I love her.” She is always happy to see him come through the door. He will sit down and she will jump on his lap and keep him company.

Check out these lovely kitties that Marser met in different cat cafes. Photos courtesy of ©Marser.

cute cat looking out the window

Himawari looking for birdies | ©Marser

cute cat napping at japanese cat cafe

"It's time for a power nap!" | ©Marser

cute cats napping together on a couch at a japanese cat cafe

"It feels more cosy and snug napping with a buddy!" | ©Marser

cute cat with big eyes japanese cat cafe

"I am a mellow guy and I love to chill and relax." | ©Marser

cute cat napping

Hinata catching some Zzzs | ©Marser

cute cat playing with dangling toy

"Da Bird is MINE!" | ©Marser

cute cat sleeping in a bag

"More nap time plz!" | ©Marser

cute american shorthair cat at japanese cat cafe

"My name is Fu. I just turned 2 in April." | ©Marser

cute american shorthair cat cafe staff

"I like to supervise guests and make sure they play under our rules." | ©Marser

cute cat at japanese cat cafe in Nara japan

"I am from a different cat cafe in Nara, Japan." | ©Marser

cute chinchilla kitty is shy cat pic

"Don't you want to come play with me? | ©Marser

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18 Responses to “Marser and His Furry Cat Café Friends”

  1. Kokoro says:

    I wish we had cat cafes in America! Very nice photos.

  2. jen says:

    i wish there were cat cafes in the U.S.!!

  3. It would be HEAVEN to work at a Cat Cafe! Nobody would ever be crabby! Except maybe occasionally a tired kitty.

    lounge kats

  4. Jenna says:

    I would never leave a cat cafe, they'd have to force me out

  5. Brian says:

    Those were spectacular photos!

  6. Abby says:

    It would seem that in a country where space is so limited being able to keep a cat would work out, but it doesn't. such a shame.

    But I guess the cats at the cat hotel love their lives.

  7. ihavecat says:

    How wonderful! I want to open one in NYC! I feel like it could be an issue having animals with food – – anyone have any insight?

    Abby, I think for some reason the landlords are the issue which seems weird since the country seems to be full of cat lovers!

  8. janie jones says:

    Those cats are gorgeous. My dream job is to work at a cat cafe!!

  9. Diana says:

    i wish they're all mine! lol

  10. My Mommeh said if there was a cat cafe where she lives, she would go there all the time!

  11. Rosarinho says:


  12. octopuss says:

    Some of these cats look **exactly** like our tomcat. (Exactly as stupid. :) ) Just kitting. 😉

  13. Dee says:

    I wish we have cat cafe in the US, all the kitty is totally cute!

  14. kakon says:

    these cat pictures reminds me of my lost cat.i love them.i wish to the creator that he may take care of my cat.

  15. Yew says:

    I can't have cats at home too & I overcompensate by trying to making frens with all cats who cross my path. I would very much love to have a cat cafe to hang out at!!!!!

  16. Shema says:

    I wish there were cat cafes in Indoesia!!

  17. Lexie says:

    They need to have cat cafes in the United States! My husband says we should open one :)

  18. Lynn says:

    I live in Japan right now, and it’s essentially the same as in every other country – most apartment owners just ban pets altogether, even though most people would love to have even a gerbil. They’re afraid of that one irresponsible pet owner who spoils it for the majority of us. Luckily, there are things like cat cafes in Japan, although I haven’t gone to one because I feel they would make me homesick. Can’t wait to go home to my kitties and boyfriend back in Hawaii after my time here is up!

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