Mimo, the Cat with a Black Spot

cute white cat with a black smudge and many toys

Mimo and his friends | photo by ©OoPsy

Mimo, an almost white cat with a black spot on his forehead is now 2 years old. When he was a little kitten, he was found abandoned in a garden in France. OoPsy learned about Mimo through a friend who rescued him and decided to bring the little one home with her. Mimo’s black smudge has become his signature and makes him a real eye-candy.

“It was a great surprise to see a white kitten with a black smudge on the forehead,” said OoPsy.

Like many other cats, Mimo is obsessed with boxes. He loves to chase after flies and sleep for hours and hours each day, but Mimo has a natural talent that makes him stand out.

cute cat looking up

photo by ©OoPsy

Mimo is a natural in front of the camera. He gives different poses and often surprises his mommy what he is capable of. OoPsy even started a blog for Mimo and YouTube channel to document his everyday life. “It is always a pleasure to see that people like his pictures too.”

“I love Mimo even though sometimes he bites and scratches me a little, he is a cool cat and always keeps me entertained and happy.”

“Mimo’s favorite toy is nothing that I bought from the pet store. He loves an aluminum foil ball. He can spend hours playing it. I often end up finding many aluminum foil balls scattered around the apartment.”

“The best moment with Mimo is when he comes to wake me up in the morning, petting my neck with his paws and licking me on my face. It is the most beautiful thing to me.”

Check out this video of Mimo when he was a little kitten.

Photos courtesy of ©OoPsy.

cute turkish van cat in a box favorite hiding spot

photo by ©OoPsy

cute turkish van playful cat playing with water

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat cuddling with bedding

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat and panda socks

photo by ©OoPsy

cute white cat in a hamper catouflage

cute cat sitting upright like a person

photo by ©OoPsy

cute white cat walking down stairs

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat and his black smuge

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat grabbing a leg

photo by ©OoPsy

cute black relaxing in basket

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat being adorable and cute

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat sitting on mommy's lap

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat and striped socks

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat looking down upon you

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat and colorful socks

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat being funny what's there

photo by ©OoPsy

mommy holding her cat

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat and his look alike stuffed animal

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat is surprised

photo by ©OoPsy

cute white cat and his look like plush dog

photo by ©OoPsy

cute cat's behind

photo by ©OoPsy

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27 Responses to “Mimo, the Cat with a Black Spot”

  1. Too cute! I like "The End" photo the best.

  2. Brian says:

    Mimo is such a handsome dude and that black spot is purrfecto!

  3. Lizzie Berman says:

    My cat looks just like Mimo only his right ear is black along with his tail. I found him online and went to the shelter to get him. He is awesome with everything and so photogenic!

  4. Linda says:

    What a beautiful and uniquely colored cat!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I love him. I really love the photo of Mimo & the blk & wht socks =)

  6. Leslie says:

    Everything is great about these pictures, both cat and photographer are very talented.

  7. Dee says:


  8. That little black spot is so artistically placed! What a pretty kitty.

  9. Maura says:

    Love the photos, but what's up with moving the spot from side-to-side on his face?

  10. Thank you for your messages, Mimo and I are very proud of our passage on this so attractive site. Voius that you find him very beautiful very pleases us. Thank you still to Amy and maybe in an eutre time! Mimo et mo nous vous embrassons !*

    • Amy B. says:

      awww. Merci! :)

    • Melissa says:


      I first saw pictures of Mimo on the dream cats website and knew that he was very special. I did a little more searching and found this site, the blog and Twitter page. I have so enjoyed looking at his pictures, videos and reading about him. You are a very talented photographer and are very lucky to have found him. I have 2 cats myself (one being black and white). Mimo is truly fabulous :) Hugs and kisses to Mimo!!!

  11. janiejones says:

    What a cutie! Very pretty cat, pictures, and story :)

  12. Coribee says:

    Extremely adorable and very handsome. :D

  13. ihavecat says:

    WHAT A SWEET CAT! AND GREAT pictures! Mimo looks like she is eating VERY VERY WEll these days! what a tummy! :)

  14. CarolH says:

    i love your stockings and footwear… you and your cat are really cool!

  15. CheriD says:

    Great photos! what a cool kitty.

  16. caroline says:

    I love the pictures. Pretty kitty!

  17. Ingrid says:

    Very interesting fur ^^

    Beautiful pictures and model =^.^=

  18. Helia Alves says:

    So lovely!

  19. concatlover says:

    Aw, he's a little fattie, just like my bannieboo, soo pretty though. xx

  20. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome cat and photos. Very impressed.

  21. Lesley says:

    Beautiful kitty; interesting photos…nice stockings too :)

  22. AWW says:

    Mimo looks like exactly same that my cat :D

    Is mimo a boy? my cat name is Tupsu and it are girl. I am not good in english, but i hope that you understand what i writing <:

    ps: amazing photos!

  23. Roxanne says:

    This makes me want to make my kitty chubbier, Mimo is so unbelievably cute

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