cute kitten playing

Poteto is a mischievious little boy who is very spoiled by his family.

He was found crying on the street and later rescued and brought to an animal rescue group who provided food, shelter, comfort and protection for the poor little one.

Poteto’s mommy saw him on the rescue group’s website. They were looking for foster parents. So she went ahead and brought Poteto home on May 23, 2009. At the time he was at the tender age of one month.

It’s been a little more than a year since Poteto came to his foster home. The truth is that it has become his permanent home and Poteto is now living with four other furry friends and enjoys being pampered everyday like a little prince.

Photos courtesy of ©doshito (Dot). Check out Poteto and his furry buddies’ YouTube channel.

cute kitten jumping
"I am levitating."

cute rescued kitten
cute kitten playing with a cup
"This cup is mine now."
cute kitten kitty cat pic
"No photos please."
cute kitten playing with basket
Poteto investigating the basket.
cute kitty cat pic
cute kitten
cute kitty cat pic
cute kitty cat pic
Cute toesies!
cute kitten playing with a pillow
cute kitten biting fingers
"I bite you!"
cute kitty cat pic
Little paws
cute kitten being protected
"I feel protected."
cute kitten hiding underneath basket
"Now mommy can't see me."
cute kitten out in the garden
cute kitten playing with a toy
cute kitten jumping to catch a toy
cute kitten
Poteto sitting in a paper bag :)
cute kitty cat pic
cute kitten jumping
cute kitty cat pic
cute cat all grown up
Poteto all grown up