Stretching is Hard Work

This kitty shows how stretching can be very hard work sometimes :). Stretchhhhhhhhhh!

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8 Responses to “Stretching is Hard Work”

  1. Nina says:

    Tiny sweet baby! awww, so cute! :)

  2. Tricia Rule says:

    Very sweet.

  3. C says:

    Brand new baby kitty!! I love this website!!

  4. lin says:

    This is too sweet……….lucky little kitten

  5. Jacqueline says:

    A sweet, adorable kitten!…I would love to rub that baby belly!!

  6. Brian says:

    That little one sure has cute all over!

  7. Linda M says:

    How can anyone NOT fall in love?!?!?! How sweet!

  8. Jess says:


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