Kittens and Their Canine Babysitters

cute contact point border collies looking after kittens

London babysitting the kittens

Previously we met Sunshine the ginger cat mama who was rescued near an apartment complex and gave birth to 6 adorable kittens. Though she is trying her best to be a good mom, she is still a teenager and wants to have fun and time to herself. Her canine buddies London, Fenwick and Haku have stepped in to help, babysit all the kittens and provide the socialization they need to grow up into a healthy and happy kitty. Check out these wonderful photos of them together.

The six kittens are Isis (dilute torti), Brahma (light dilute), Budda (darker dilute), Dio (long hair orange), and Pax and Ra (short hair orange).

Photos courtesy of ©Heather Christenson from Oregon (flickr: Crackbonkers, Heather’s website, Check out Heather’s blog to see updates on the kittens. Also, check out their kittycam).

cute border collie dog and ginger kitten

Haku and one of the babies

cute dog babysitting ginger kitten border collie

Dio trying to wrestle with Haku's paw

cute dog babysitting cleaning kitten boston terrier

Fenwick giving Isis a bath

cute new born tortie kitten


cute tortie kitten

Isis checking out a new toy

cute ginger kittens

Brahma and Pax

cute dog cleaning washing ginger kitten boston terrier

Fenwick following the kitten while giving the little one a bath

cute boston terrier washing ginger kitten


cute dog bathing ginger kitten boston terrier

cute dog swarmed by kittens border collie

Haku swarmed by all the kittens

cute ginger kitten

cute ginger kittens meowing

"This is my territory!"

cute ginger kitten pointing

cute ginger kittens playing with border collie dog

The kittens are trying to play with Haku

cute ginger kitten

Itty bitty :)

cute ginger kitten

"Wah! What's that?"

cute kittens

Snuggling with their canine buddy

cute kittens and border collie dog

Haku doing a great job taking care of the babies

cute ginger kitten and border collie dog

Happy little one

cute kittens

Adorable faces!

cute ginger kittens playing

Ginger love

cute ginger kitten and border collie dog

London cuddling a tiny little ginger puffball!

cute ginger kitten trying to work border collie watching

Haku watching the kitten exploring around

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50 Responses to “Kittens and Their Canine Babysitters”

  1. Debbie says:

    How sweet!

  2. SB says:

    The kiddenz are adorable and Haku is beautiful!

  3. Beverly says:

    That is SO SWEET!!!!!! More proof that cats and dogs can live together in love and harmony!!! :)

  4. jennifer says:

    these pictures are just too cute.

  5. jeramiah says:

    they are so addorabal

  6. Jennifer Griffith says:

    *sigh* Almost too adorable! Those dogs are such good cat-sitters, & the kittens seem to adore them right back. Wonderful photos!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Wonderful story and photos.

  8. beckyl says:

    ooh, so sweet!

  9. LiLi says:

    TOO SWEET! I adore Isis! They are all so cute, but Isis really struck a cord with me.

  10. Dee says:

    What lovely dogs! They are doing such a good job helping out with the adorable kittens! Love these pics!

  11. Carmen says:

    Cuteness overload!!!

  12. Heidi says:

    What a sweet little mama!!

  13. Kristoffer says:

    Love it! So cute.

  14. Joanne says:

    OMG That is so cute! The dogs are GORGEOUS!!!!

  15. Brian says:

    Those are such amazing pictures and what a beautiful family!

  16. Susan says:

    These are great dogs!

  17. Lashantina says:

    Haku is really an awesome looking dog!!

  18. sea says:

    This story is so lovely!

    Lots of kisses and baths :)

  19. catherineLd says:

    this is so full of awwwww :D)) thank you! xox

  20. Rochelle says:

    So sweet! Haku is an awesome kitten sitter 😀

  21. Sporky says:

    Too cute for words!!!

  22. GiggleBlizzard&L says:

    Thanks for the smiles!

    I rarely get to spend time with "healthy kittens" – it's refreshing to see so many little sunshine faces!

    The expressions you captured make for such beautiful pics!

    As we all know – animals are quite amazing!

    Way to go k9's!

    purrs and headbutts,


  23. KellyAnne says:

    So sweet that it makes my teeth hurt! What a sweet family.

  24. bobbi says:

    adorable and oh so very cute.

  25. C says:

    So very cute!! I really like Isis; reminds me of my own torti from years ago.

  26. Miranda Lester says:

    How can you not say "Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww"? I love it when canines and felines combine forces. The kittens are so darn cute and the dogs are gorgeous!!

  27. charmmy says:

    so beautiful and sweet<3 both the kitties and dogs :]

  28. linzi says:

    amazing….just purrfect….so special!!

  29. Ellie says:

    I love it when kittens and doggies and bunnies and hamsters and birds, etc all get along like BFFs. Inter-species love is awesome! Only if humans could do the same.

  30. Tauby says:

    Beautiful photo work. Isis really appeals. Can you send more of her as she grows. Thanks.

  31. Linda says:

    The foster parents are lovely and the kitties, of course, are too cute. Sunshine can rest easy with these doggies looking after her babies!

  32. Carol says:

    I just echo what everybody has said above. Just a sweet story with beautiful creatures!

  33. notemily says:

    these pictures are just too much!

  34. Kacee says:

    They are adorable and Haku seem so sweet to them…

  35. Lizzy says:

    Awwww…see, not all dogs chase cats up trees! So sweet!

  36. pk says:

    I seriously cant handle how cute these little guys are! I love the cock eyed orange kitten!

  37. Yew says:

    It's always very amazing to see dogs taking care of little kittens! They're awesome babysister to the kittens!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Awwwwwww, so cute

  39. ryu says:

    This is sooooooo cute!!! awwwwwwwwwww <3 Just prives that cats and dogs aren't meant to be enemies.

  40. Lorelai says:

    Beautiful awesome doggies, and adorable kitten mittens. :)

  41. heidi says:

    what a lovely and loving bunch!

  42. crazycerulean says:

    This is sooooooooooooooooo sweet…… 😛 cutie-pies 😀 :) love them all…… the pic where Haku is baby-sitting all the kittens :)

  43. Kate says:

    I can't even stand how adorable all of these are

  44. Kristoffer says:

    What beautiful pictures! Had to share these on Facebook. If you don't instantly feel good after seeing these something is wrong with you! :)

  45. ida says:

    love this!

  46. parihan says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw this is super dopper beautiful dog and the kittens are cute.

    God bless those angels.

  47. James says:

    beautiful, purely beautiful.. very heartwarming to see such cutewiddle kittehs!!

  48. buthie says:

    OMG…im speachless.Sweet dogs for sweet kitties. wondering how those cute kitten look like now..

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