cute contact point border collies looking after kittens
London babysitting the kittens

Previously we met Sunshine the ginger cat mama who was rescued near an apartment complex and gave birth to 6 adorable kittens. Though she is trying her best to be a good mom, she is still a teenager and wants to have fun and time to herself. Her canine buddies London, Fenwick and Haku have stepped in to help, babysit all the kittens and provide the socialization they need to grow up into a healthy and happy kitty. Check out these wonderful photos of them together.

The six kittens are Isis (dilute torti), Brahma (light dilute), Budda (darker dilute), Dio (long hair orange), and Pax and Ra (short hair orange).

Photos courtesy of ©Heather Christenson from Oregon (flickr: Crackbonkers, Heather’s website, Check out Heather’s blog to see updates on the kittens. Also, check out their kittycam).

cute border collie dog and ginger kitten
Haku and one of the babies
cute dog babysitting ginger kitten border collie
Dio trying to wrestle with Haku's paw
cute dog babysitting cleaning kitten boston terrier
Fenwick giving Isis a bath
cute new born tortie kitten
cute tortie kitten
Isis checking out a new toy
cute ginger kittens
Brahma and Pax
cute dog cleaning washing ginger kitten boston terrier
Fenwick following the kitten while giving the little one a bath
cute boston terrier washing ginger kitten
cute dog bathing ginger kitten boston terrier
cute dog swarmed by kittens border collie
Haku swarmed by all the kittens
cute ginger kitten
cute ginger kittens meowing
"This is my territory!"
cute ginger kitten pointing
cute ginger kittens playing with border collie dog
The kittens are trying to play with Haku
cute ginger kitten
Itty bitty :)
cute ginger kitten
"Wah! What's that?"
cute kittens
Snuggling with their canine buddy
cute kittens and border collie dog
Haku doing a great job taking care of the babies
cute ginger kitten and border collie dog
Happy little one
cute kittens
Adorable faces!
cute ginger kittens playing
Ginger love
cute ginger kitten and border collie dog
London cuddling a tiny little ginger puffball!
cute ginger kitten trying to work border collie watching
Haku watching the kitten exploring around