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Deek having sweet dreams
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Kiara and Tibbits

In 2000, Jacci Moss from Defiance, Ohio had a dream that was to find permanent homes for cats and kittens where they will be so loved, cared for and be a part of a family. That dream led her to start Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center a no-kill, no cage cat haven and Earth Angels Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic. Jacci dedicates all of her time to the rescue efforts. Over the past 11 years, Jacci has led a team of volunteers to save over 2,500 cats and kittens as well as homing over 2,200 kitties. They never turn away injured or abused cats or kittens, regardless of how full their rescue center is. They have around 40 permenant cat residents including senior cats who spend their retirement years with them.

Jacci Moss director of Friends of felines rescue center
Jacci Moss

Jacci puts everything into helping cats and even dogs. She receives no salary from either organization and is always there for the animals. Friends of Felines Rescue Center is also an advocate for spaying and neutering as an effort to reduce homelessness, abuse, and euthanasia due to animal overpopulation.

Jacci used to be a nurse and worked for wildlife rehab for ten years.¬†“I have always felt this passion has been a God given gift, so I try my best at fulfilling the mission statement at the rescue center. I rely heavily on volunteers, they help make this big job possible. Simply put, I truly love and enjoy what I do,” says Jacci.

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center runs a Kitty Cam where you can watch the kitties from far far away via the internet. You can find more stories of the rescue kitties at their blog. To follow their updates, visit their Facebook fan page. You can also find them on Petfinder.

Check out their Kitty Cam:

cute persian rescue cat putter
Putter arrived at the Rescue Center on 6/7/10. He was 11 years old, extremely thin, completely knotted up in mats and couldn't walk because of the tight mats. Putter is a Himalayan and now is absolutely handsome. He was found at a golf course, hence his name. Putter's fur is all grown out and we comb him many times a week. He still has a "puttery" walk, probably due to age. He's received the title of an Oldster, so Putter now remains with us for his retirement years.
cute rescue tabby cat sleeping
Captain Americat came in at 6 weeks old and arrived with a head tilt and two deformed front feet. His head tilt eventually went away and he learned how to play and run.
cute rescue tuxedo cat
Kokomo's came in at 5 1/2 weeks old with probable rat bites to her neck. Her nasty bite wounds healed and she became friends with Captain Americat. They are in a wonderful home together
cute rescue ginger cat
The love of a mama cat is awesome. Alexandrite was found during a summer downpour. She was standing over a sewer water grate, with water rushing around her. She was holding onto her kitten in her mouth for dear life. She was picked up, never letting go of her baby. She has now been adopted.
cute rescue tuxedo cat
Per the contract, all adopted cats from FFRC are to be returned to the Rescue Center if the owner cannot keep it. Pacino was not returned. He got passed around to a couple of different people. At the last house he got outside (a thing we pray never happens). He wanted in so much that he found a vent pipe going under the house and crawled inside it. The story we got was that Pacino couldn't get into the house this way so he turned around inside the pipe and crawled out. When Pacino was found, both his back legs were fractured. His right back leg was so badly damaged that it was removed. His left back leg has since healed. Update: Pacino has found a good home.
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Mama Rosabella arrived on 7/31/10 in full, but “lazy labor” and couldn’t finish ¬†delivering her kittens. She gave birth to two beautiful kitties who were named Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purr. Rosabella’s milk supply dried up on the fourth day, so the kittens were bottle fed by volunteers but had the beauty of still having mama to raise them.

Rosabella was adopted into a wonderful home. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr have become the love to everyone at the rescue center and they are there with them forever.

cute rescue ginger persian cat sleeps with tongue out
Paddy Purr
cute cat resident persian paddy cakes
Paddy Cakes
cute rescue cats snuggle together in a nap
Cutie, Murka, and Pocus
cute rescue cats snuggle together snoozing
Cutie and Murka
cute rescue kitten
friends of felines rescue center
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cat's cove at friends of felines rescue center
Cat's Cove - a huge playhouse for the kitties. It's made up of two large buildings connected with a runway. They love the openness of the buildings and all the room they have to play and run. "This summer we had a strange happening in the Cat's Cove. I walked into the Cove and realized there were a few strange 'cats' in the building - black and white ones. Turned out a family of skunks had burrowed deep in the ground to get into the Cove. They were just meandering around the cats as if they all knew each other. We carefully got the skunks out fixed the wall borders and told the 'real' cats, 'no more making friends like that'.
friends of felines rescue center
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Birk and Bella