Kitty Gives Human a Back Massage

Kitty aka ‘The Beef’ is giving his hooman Cindy a back massage. He is quite good.

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29 Responses to “Kitty Gives Human a Back Massage”

  1. Starla says:

    That's a great kitty!

  2. Winston says:

    How I wish I had a kitty to massage me like that

  3. Lashantina says:

    very funny! thanks for sharing.

  4. Pat says:


  5. Bubble says:

    I wish mine can do the same!

  6. Barbara says:

    I want a kitty that does that.

  7. James says:

    what a well trained hooman, she stayed there while kitty worked out her stress!

    kitteh should open a massage service!!

  8. Carol says:

    aww its brilliant – my cat did the same thing to me once :)

  9. Jenny says:

    wow, good cat! YOu are so lucky!!

  10. Sara says:

    I got an arm massage this morning. I'm hoping that will keep the flabbies away but Dylan only seems to want to massage my left arm. He keeps his claws in so that's good!

  11. katie says:

    It seems that both of you are enjoying yourselves, too funny.

  12. Zoe says:

    Hmmmm…I'd be willing to bet money that this is ALL about Kitty and not the human:):)

  13. Sonia Vinluan says:

    Now that is what you called a CAT MASSAGE!!!

  14. Lorri G. says:

    My kitty also practices Katsui Massage & combines it with a little accupuncture therapy as well.

  15. carole says:

    if my cat did that i would be bleeding all over the place

  16. pumbie says:

    A very efficiente cat, with studies of physiotherapy!. Lovely.

  17. Wayne says:

    Kitty is hired!

  18. Susan says:

    What a great way to relax! :)

  19. Akshay S says:

    Thats adorable….love her… <3… :-)

  20. Maysoun says:

    i had a kitty who did that

  21. Jacqueline says:

    My, quite the belly kitty has! Too cute :)

  22. Rokelle says:

    I had a tabby named Sylvester that used to do that for me. He was a good boy :)

  23. Ayesha says:

    awwwwww…how i wish my cat can do that.. loool

  24. phyllis says:

    good kitty :) I want to have one!

  25. Claire says:

    I just asked my cat to give me a back massage. All she said was ‘me-how?’

  26. Susan says:

    Your cat adores you. I had a cat that would jump on my back and sit there, she was my favourite. She also licked my hands and arms until she was about three years old. I loved it and miss her so much.

  27. Jane Ennis says:

    This is what I need!

  28. Anna Platt says:

    Awww That makes me miss my cat. I would say I can do a better job than the cat because i would work on more of the back and all that, but I know how relaxing it is just to have a cat sit on your back. So I guess the answer is no. Cat’s are always the best.

  29. Latasha Sampson says:

    TOO cute, he might be the best massage therapist ever. He was so focused and precise with ever step, and maintained a steady pace. I better take some lessons from him so that I can give a great back massage. I will be practicing this technique.

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