Tiny Fuzzy Kitty Gets Brushing

Cute black fuzzball is getting brushed. That little face and tiny paws are too cute for words!

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38 Responses to “Tiny Fuzzy Kitty Gets Brushing”

  1. Wendy Winder says:

    I feel like giving lots of kisses to this black cotton ball, so cute!!!

  2. vix says:

    OMG such cuteness !!!!

  3. OHHH!!! It was all I could do not to skweeeem! xoxox

  4. M Terri says:

    those bright little eyes looking out, so adorable!

  5. Winston says:

    oh my god… this kitteh is so cute and BLACK

  6. Nastya says:

    soooo sweet!

  7. Linda Quevillon says:

    Adorable et c est yeux magnifiquesxxxxxx

  8. Lashantina says:

    all I saw was this little ball of fluff, and moist eyes blinking….like a cartoon!

  9. katie says:

    Love the music and of course the adorable black ball of fur!!

  10. Sherry says:

    SQUEEEE!! lol

  11. Christine says:

    Nothing cuter in the whole world than baby kittens! Adorable little fuzzy wuzzy black kitty! :D

  12. Debbie says:

    Oh my goodness! She is absolutely adorable! Love those big eyes and little paws!

  13. Kacee says:

    Adorable kitty and cute music to go with it :) ))

  14. Gabriella says:

    PURRfect music for this little sweetie!

  15. Hanna says:

    That kitten is unbelievably cute!

  16. millieJo says:

    That is the cutest little fuzzball. Looks like a stuffed toy.

  17. Tucker says:


  18. Katie G says:

    So fluffy!

  19. I have a black cat named Samson, wouldnot trade him for anything.

  20. Colleen says:

    omg adorable, sweet, precious, pure love. I want to kiss his widdle face…

  21. Hanah says:

    aww :) look at them round sparkling eyes.. so cute!

  22. Sylvia says:

    What a lovely small bundle of joy.

  23. Kate says:

    He does look like a toy — or a Tribble — I bet he has a great purr.

  24. Nani says:

    Definitely too cute for words!!! Love love love

  25. Nana says:

    OMG! Ultimate cuteness!! Those cute eyes just makes me wana cry cos they are just too damn cute!!!!!!

  26. Hayley says:

    Simply adorable. What a cutie pie!

  27. Carol says:

    I love the paws up to the head when the brush goes there! Sooooo cute!

  28. Annette says:

    ZOMG!!!!! Such an adorable kitty! Love the teeny paws!!

  29. kacee says:

    My goodness, it’s a fuzzball with eyeballs :) beyond cute!!

  30. Leanna says:

    That baby is so cute I can’t believe it’s real!

  31. katie k says:

    OMG so friggen cute!!!

  32. Debra Olsen says:

    What a peanut ;_) :-)

  33. Blue Wolf says:


  34. carole says:

    love those little paws. adorable

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