Black Cats are Awesome!

They say black cats have the lowest adoption rates in shelter. Shorty the black kitty and her hooman dad tell us why black cats are nothing but awesome!

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71 Responses to “Black Cats are Awesome!”

  1. Katie G says:

    I’ve always loves black kitties. They’re so pretty.

  2. Tami says:

    OMG – I love kitties with their tongues sticking out. We have one black, one orange, and 2 tigers.

    We also foster for the humane society so they all get some lovin and hope that makes them more lovable for people.

  3. Kendra says:

    I have had a black cats for the past 40 years….I just love them……as of now I have a small black female & a flame point siamese(not pure) so basically I have a black & a white cat, I have always wanted a pure white & a pure black cat, so I got pretty close with these two….

  4. Winston says:

    I love black cats… I’ll adopt a black cat next time I am adopting a kitten.

  5. Colleen says:

    My black cat is awesome too! Her name is Junior and she is my ‘scaredy cat’ (out of the five). She is afraid of everything. She is lazy and funny. She is adorable!!!

  6. Hanna says:

    It’s always seemed very silly to me – the stigma against black cats. I had a black cat growing up and she was sweet and amazing.

  7. Linda says:

    My black cat is lying right next to me as I type this. She is the love of my life. BLACK CATS RULE!! =^..^=

  8. Harriet (Human is Angi) says:

    There’s no such thing as a cat that isn’t just beautiful, and black kitties, with their fur so shiny, and almost blue-black, are just adorable! One favorite of Harriet’s and mine was Mr. Ralph, a beautiful, tall, lover of a cat who just adored us and our Jasmine–as well as his human dad. Personality? He had it! We miss him, and Jasmine, who actually liked him! They went to the Rainbow Bridge several months apart.

  9. Shadow says:

    I have had the pleasure of owning 3 black cats so far. They truly are awesome cats, and are full of personality! :)

  10. John says:

    I have a wonderful black cat–wouldn’t trade her for the world! Thanks for making this video and standing up for black cats everywhere.

  11. Bianca says:

    They are my top number 1 favourite the best to be adopted when I am able to!!!!!
    My lover (cat) was a black cat who talk to me during bad times, who cheered me up, who brighted my day! Miss him very much!

  12. Shelly Lyon says:

    Black kitties are exceedingly beautiful and wonderful.

  13. carole says:

    people are just ignorant.they should take a page from stevie wonder when you believe in things you dont understand you suffer.superstion aint the way.

  14. Kat says:

    I absolutely love black cats and this video is fantastic. Mary is my second black cat and my only issue with them is that if you forget to put the light on before you go up the stairs, you fall over them if they’re lurking there!

  15. Maysoun says:

    i love all kitties

  16. eva says:

    Thank you for posting this. It is true that black kittens and cats are less popular with adopters. And they are awesome – just as awesome as all cats!

  17. Courtney says:

    I don’t get it either. I think black cats are especially beautiful!

  18. KellyAnne says:

    Black cats are elegant and practical — they go with everything! I have a little black cat, and I adopted her specifically because black animals are less likely to get adopted. I’m lucky to have her.

  19. KellyAnne says:

    They are tricky to photograph, though — my beautiful black cat always ends up looking like a Rorschach test on camera.

  20. Jude says:

    thanks for sticking up for black cats and educating people that they are last to be adopted. people connect them with bad luck, sadly.

  21. katie says:

    All cats are beautiful no matter what colors they are. Old wives tale!!

  22. vonneybeth says:

    I just adopted a black cat and she’s a sweetheart. Cats are cats, no matter what colour they are, just like people.

  23. pumbie says:

    I find black cats to be gorgeous. It’s only because of superstition that they are refused; as if they had something to do with “bad luck” or so!!. In any case, it’s a stupid thing, they are as mischiveous, beautiful and funny as the rest of the cats. Are they “responsible” for their colour??. Long life to our beloved cats: all of them!!!.

  24. Angelique says:

    I love black cats. They are beautiful and their eyes look cool with the black fur around it.

  25. Lori says:

    my daughter always insisted in black kitties. . after her sweet fluffy pure black kitty(who had the longest nose we’ve ever seen on a kitty) named Morganna suddenly had to cross the bridge, she was heart broken but after a year she was ready again and when she went to the shelter and was over whelmed with white kitties,there all of a sudden a tiny black kitty ran right up her leg purring and kissing her.Luna has been her loving little clown with none stop face kissing ever since.Bcats rule!

  26. Peggy says:

    I have a black cat named Squeaky. He’s the greatest!

  27. Chris says:

    I have two black kitties – Chaos and Mayhem. They seem to have more personality than other sorts of kitties. I’ve never had trouble photographing them, either. :)

  28. Karin says:

    I had a black cat, her name was muffy and she was my best friend growing up. She was also a great friend to my mom after I left home.

  29. Hanah says:

    I have a black cat. She’s PURE black and so beautiful. She’s a little mean though, with slight mood swings. One second she’s purring and a second later, she biting and clawing me. But our whole family adore her, just bc she’s so cute.

    AND I have to agree with the guy in the video, yes, black cats are awesome :) actually, all cats are!

  30. Karen says:

    My sister has a black cat named Charlie and he’s beautiful! He has a really bright pink tongue which looks even pinker against his black fur (he licks his chops after having a yummy meal)!

  31. Lori says:

    Hanah,I had a pure grey kitty once,(Russian Blue)got her at 5 weeks old,she too would either puurr till drooling and then bang clawing,biting and hissing then leave,she never out grew that so she was named “Wild”,she grew to really protect me but I was never off the list,lol of a good hiss or claw. she lived to 20 yrs I guess Black,grey, calico ,it doesn’t matter, they know they rule.that’s what makes us love’em all the more.PS BK vid,awesome eyes,freakie even,luvs

  32. Dee says:

    I was just thinking about how much I love black cats this morning. They are the sweetest, most loving and funniest kitties. As a foster I have kept a few blackies born in my home because they don’t get adopted and rescue groups refuse to take them. Oh well it’s their lose and my gain.

  33. Shauna says:

    Shorty is so handsome! I’ve always wanted a black cat.

  34. Claudia says:

    Boring? Where? They rock! xo

  35. I have one. His name is Samson (named after my first cat Jake’s brother). He litterly came out of the woods behind my vet’s office. I had to wait to adopt him because I still had Jake (very sick) and I was going away for Christmas. When I came home I called the next day and picked him up. If your hand is any where near him he will lick it. I love him.

  36. Elaine H says:

    Thank you Shortythecat2010 (and to Salem for sending me the link)! I’m a huge fan of black cats, having adopted several in my life. There is something extra special about black cats. I think they have may more magic than other cats.
    P.S.- I just subscribed to your You Tube Channel! =^*^=

  37. Marsha says:

    I have 5 black cats, and I love them all to pieces!!!!

  38. Risa says:

    I LOVE Black cats! I wish I could have more:)

  39. NAN says:

    We have a black cat named ‘Duff’. He’s about 8 months old. We love him and he was born here on our property. Our other cat ‘Chant’ is a grey Hemingway cat(also born here) that really loves my husband and will immediately roll over for him when he sees him. It’s a riot. The 2 cats get along very well together. We call them ‘The boys':-)

  40. Sue Bee says:

    That’s a bummer that black cats are the least adoptable; so unfair to these precious creatures! All my cats are rescues and usually there’s at least 1 black kitty in the bunch. Right now and for the past 11 years that honor has gone to my bestie Mr. Big! We bottle-fed him since he was the size of a tennis ball. Now he’s a very fluffy, fuzzy 14 pounder, that’s still a love-bug! These black kitties need a spokesperson to do a public service announcement about them!

  41. Kiplings_cat says:

    We have a black DMH cat; he was the last of his litter to be adopted, presumably because of color.

    It is true that he likes to hide in the shadows where he is just a slightly darker pool of shadow, so one has to look (or turn on a light) before stepping.

  42. Anne says:

    Black cats are cats that did not get to choose their hair color. They are fun, funny, smart, playful, sneaky, shy, outgoing, strong, bold, snuggly… other words, they are Cats. Just with rich, beautiful very dark fur that shows off their eyes so well. I LOVE my current black cat, Cooper. He was adopted from a shelter and we got the best cat there. He is awesome!! Adopt! be it a black, tiger, calico whatever, shelter pets are the greatest!!!

  43. Shash says:

    I have never met a black cat I didn’t like. My youngest cat (I have three) is a rescued kitty that steps into a room and just sucks all the love straight to his own self. Those who don’t adopt black cats are missing out.

  44. Cheryl says:

    I have two black kitties, 2 tuxedos & two calico’s, all rescues, either strays or from the shelter. When I adopt again, it will be a black cat from an animal control. Most cats are lucky to get 2-4 days to get adopted from an Animal Control Shelter. I concur with the guy in the video, black kitties, whether kittens or not, with tuxedos a close second are rarely adopted.

  45. Carol says:

    Hi, Shorty’s Dad! I have a little black cat hanging over my shoulder right now as I’m typing. When she slips down, she just walks up my tummy with her hind legs and hangs on with her toes!

    At one time I had three black cats, and they were all wonderful, beautiful, and totally unique. My 16-year-old Meggie went to the RB about 1-1/2 years ago, and I still miss her. She was such a character and would play little games with me at night in the bed. I’d put my pinkie finger over her paw, and she’d put her paw over my finger, and I’d put my finger on top, and she’d put her paw on top… on and on and on. She was a big girl, too. Great hugger. And she talked to me. I swear that girl understood what I was saying.

    Anyway, I have my 2 younger black ones now, Kitty and Rambo, and a himmy mix Shasta and a big gray bobtail Jack. Talk about a character! Jack is a clown! He can always make me laugh!

    Thank you and Shorty for taking up for black cats. I think black dogs have the same problem of not being adopted. Very sad. I subscribed to you on YouTube and can’t wait to go back and look at some more of Shorty’s videos. Give her a head scritch for me!

  46. Tom Thornton says:

    Black cats rule! Had one since last April. She’s a sweety.

  47. Sephora says:

    I have two black cats, Nerone and Bastet, a male and a female.
    They are both beautiful and full of love!! I love them!!

  48. The kitty in this video looks ALOT like my black kitten! Except she has shorter fur. She’s half Birman so her fur strand is what I personally describe as half-white & half-black. She’s ridiculously shiny most of the time but if I pet her fur backwards, she gets totally fluffed up & looks like the beautiful kitty in this video. My hubby & I are Birman fans & we already have a 7year old seal point boy who got lonely after we rescued him. I wanted to get a lilac point sister for him but that was too rare. My little Ziva was the first kitty we met when we were looking & I instantly fell madly in love with her! Both the hooman of her Birman mom & my hubby thought my little Ziva was very boring but I thought she was totally amazing!! She was completely playful, mischievous & hyper but when she got home she started getting very affectionate towards us & her older Birman brother. The hubby still insists that she can be quite ugly sometimes but I never see that! She has what I call white eyeshadow above her eyes which are quite distinctive & pretty. She was of very nervous disposition so she was EXTREMELY jumpy so that was hilarious at first but she’s gotten used to us now so she’s alot braver & cleverer. Now, more than 1 year on, & after the Birman rescue woman strongly advising for the older cat not to live with other cats, we’re all having a totally amazing time together & it’s purely because of my little black kitten. She’s over a year old now but still very squeaky & so playful so she’ll always be my pretty little kitten. Plus I get the occasional visits from a friendly neighbourhood beautiful black tomcat that likes to sit with us in the garden in the summer! Black cats are indeed totally AWESOME!!

  49. Patricia Brown says:

    I love all kitties, and blackies have been in my life for many years..they have always been sweet and smart, loving and loyal friends.

  50. ursulina says:

    I have 2 beautiful black baby girls, Happy & her sister Squeak. They make my day. Happy loves to play while Sqeaky is the adventurer.

  51. Cathy says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of owning 5 black cats in my life time. All were loving, playful and intelligent cats. Couldn’t have asked for anything more from them. The best cats ever!!

  52. Klane says:

    I rescued an abandoned 3 week old kitten once. Love him! He is a bit temperamental around strangers, but such a loving creature! He’s just over a year old now.

    • Cindy says:

      i have a male tiger kitty that is like that & i don’t know how 2 get him out of it !! he is really bad with certain ppl more so with teenage boys!! a few of them deserve what they get from him coz the taunted him after being told NOT 2 but he attacks ppl that haven’t!!! we have noticed that he only attacks those that have pets other than the 1’s that taunted him!! we’ve had him since he was about 2 weeks old, my son found him & his brother at my neighbors, his brother died a week after we found them but Boo is strong & healthy & will b 4 in july !! all of our cats r rescue kitties well blackie wasn’t & baby lilly isn’t she is the baby of my daughters cat that she found in the parking lot at her work under pallets with mulch on them!! she was only about a day old when we got her !!! miss satan was about 3 months old when i brought her home coz a guy found her but couldn’t keep her so i brought her home !! i wouldn’t trade any of my kitties even Boo with as ornery as he is lol

  53. Cindy says:

    ppl think black cats r bad luck but i don’t agree!! we had an all black cat with the most beautiful big green eyes that just past away this past february, he would’ve been 12 yrs old on the 10th of this month !! back in oct. 2004 he had been following me around for 2 weeks so bad that i was stepping on him every time i’d move, come 2 find out i had a blood clot & they also found an extra rib that causing problems so they had 2 take it out & take a vein from my leg 2 repair the artery 2 my heart that the rib had damaged!!! after i got out of the hospital after 16 days he still continued 2 follow me but not quite as close but just enough 2 let me know he was there !!! once i felt better he stopped but he would still get in my lap of course & love me !! black cats r just as sweet as any other !!! i miss him everyday !!! i cried like a baby when he died !! i have
    4 others 3 r tiger kitties & the other is a beautiful grey & white tabby & them 3 don’t want 2 b loved on as much as blackie did but they love 2 b loved on tho !!! they have all changed since blackie past, they play 2gether more ALL 4
    at the same time, if that’s not funny 2 watch lol BLACK CATS R GREAT KITTIES 2 IF U WANT A CAT THAT’S THE 1 U WANT !!!

    • Bobbie Whitten says:

      Cindy, what a moving story of your precious kitty. You are a true ‘animal person’, and to me, animal people are the ones that truly understand what is important in this world. They exhibit an understanding that non-animal-lovers simply don’t understand. Those people are missing out on so much in this life! I am really greatful for people who love animals. If I couls help every animal in this world I’d do it. They are the only truly innocent ones. I hope you don’t mind my comments. Anyway, God’s blessings to you and yours.
      Sincerely, Bobbie Whitten

  54. Bobbie Whitten says:

    I adopted a 3-legged kitty from my vet and named her Phoebe. She had gotten her leg broken by a negligent driver and her owners never took her to the vet until a year later. They asked my vet, “How much to fix the leg?” My vet said the leg was frozen in one position as Phoebe could only drag the leg behind her. My vet said the then wanted her euthanized because they didn’t want a crippled kitty. My vet offered to take her as the “hospital kitty”, and she removed the leg. Phoebe lived at the hospital and recovered there, but still nobody would adopt her. My vet looked me in the eye and said, “Bobbie, I see the word ‘sucker’ on your forhead…therefore you need to adopt her.” I really hadn’t thought about it as I was a “dog-person”. So this sucker took Phoebe home and fell in love with her. She was absolutely sweet and loving and I didn’t know what I’d ever do without her. Eventually I got cancer and couldn’t keep her. My home healthcare nurse adopted her from me and she now lives in a 7-kitty household and retains her title of “Queen of the House”…3 legs or not…she is very happy and that’s what is important. I would never hesitate to have another black kitty. Thery are precious gifts from heaven that we need to love and care for.

  55. J King says:

    One of my most precious, Ferris, was a long haired black kitty from the Memphis Humane Society. He had me for 18 years, so he was at least 19 when he died. I still dream about him. He loved his dobermans. Anyone who has not been adopted by a black kitty is really missing out!

  56. Kitty says:

    how sweet! A great guy with a great message

  57. Fifi says:

    Yes, so true!!! I have two black cats and they are awesome!!! Love them so much! Thank you for a great video

  58. lisa says:


  59. DDi says:

    OMG! black cats/kitties are awesome! the are so beautiful and mysterious! Having a black cat is like having a miniature black panther at your house! I have my own! Her name is Onyx, my best friend have two! Midnight and Shalom! I am sorry, people who thinks black cats are not worth getting, something seriously wrong with their eyes and brains!

  60. Shadow says:

    I have had the pleasure of owning three black cats throughout my lifetime. Unfortunately two have passed on, but they were the sweetest cats one could ever imagine. The superstitions surrounding black cats are just plain silly. I was definitely not unlucky that my little black sweethearts crosses my path. <3

  61. I have a black cat also named Samson. I adopted him from my vet where he showed up comming out of the woods behind their facility. He looks just like Shorty in the vidio.

  62. beckyl says:

    black cats ARE awesome!

  63. C says:

    That was a sweet video! Thanks, Shorty’s dad!

  64. natasha says:

    Shorty is soo beautiful Idk why people dont want them. I think they are just as special and just as lovable and playful as any other cat. Shes lucky to have a dad like you.

  65. nolruck says:

    because are black cats which make their eyes so more beautiful than normal cats

  66. Sue Bee says:

    Thanks for making this excellent video about the maligned black cat! They are wonderful pets. Color plays a role in way too many aspects of our lives, for good and for bad. All cats are worthy of our love and respect!

  67. B.L. says:

    I have a black domestic longhair named “Eclipse”, almost 2 years old. He is a fat boy with long legs and long tail. He always walk like a prince. He is very smart boy, learn fast, and also is playful.

  68. Jeff says:

    Black cats rock! I took in a stray black kitty whose mommie was a tortie. Blacky is shiny dark black with just a small smear of white on his chest and middle toe. He’s the best mellow cat and big brother…

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