Kitty Plays the Dreydl

Whenever there is a spinning dreydl, this kitty gets in on the action. This may just be Inception‘s alternative ending…

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11 Responses to “Kitty Plays the Dreydl”

  1. Purrito Purrpants says:


  2. dafaolta says:

    Kitteh killt it!

  3. beckyl says:

    total inception ;-)

  4. Blue Wolf says:

    WHAM! that kit’s got a great left hook!

  5. Maysoun says:


  6. Mari says:

    Cute! It doesn’t matter if it is a spinning dreydl or anything else, to a cat ~ it’s still a toy and meant to be played with! =^.,.^=

  7. katie says:

    That is adorable, they are so amusing!!

  8. jude says:


  9. pumbie says:

    Let the spinning top spin, little rascal!.

  10. carole says:

    that is some fast left hook

  11. angelique says:

    Hahaha funny!

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