Demanding Cat!

Kitty demands all his human dad’s attention while he tries to get some work done.

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37 Responses to “Demanding Cat!”

  1. Preston says:

    This is so typical. The second they know your attention is not on them they must immediately do something about it. Case in point as I watched the video, hilarious b.t.w, I had to keep my own cat Coco from knocking things off of my desk.

  2. siew eng says:

    my kitty, too! but her hooman is not as nice as this daddy and would put her down repeatedly until she gets the message. but she’d still try to get my attention by kissing my toes or rubbing against my feet.

  3. arabianmau says:

    hahhahaaha..mine do the same..

  4. katie says:

    Can relate to this video, they are so demanding when they want your attention, but when you want theirs it’s another story. Just got to love them!!

    • Nanci says:

      So adorable!! Our cat ‘Chant’ is demanding like that too. Especially if I’m reading a book..he’ll come and get right in the middle of it forcing me to stop. It’s just a riot! He just completely covers the entire book. I love it when he does that. It’s impossible to ignore him, lol!

  5. Lashantina says:

    I actually switched my computer mouse over to my left hand, so that I can pet kitty with my right!! He sits on my legs when I am at the desk like this, too.

  6. Aircat says:

    Mucho Gato is doing much the same as I try to watch the video and write a comment.
    Cats rule. Obviously.

  7. Kacee says:

    What a lovebug!! lol

  8. Linda says:

    mine is watching me as I am sitting here on my computer. It’s just a matter of time….lol

  9. LizR says:

    I can so relate to this. I work from home on the internet so my feline buddy is ALWAYS with me – some days he’s a good boy and sits with me as I work and doesn’t fuss and other days he’s all over me and won’t be put off by any means. Love him to bits and wouldn’t have it any other way but there are days when he really tries my patience.

  10. pumbie says:

    I think this cat wants to learn computing!.

  11. carole says:

    they want what they want when they want it.period

  12. Katherine says:

    This is adorable! At least this darling cat doesn’t seem to be interesting in mouse or headphone cable chewing!!

  13. Katherine says:

    I meant “interested” – though this is indeed a very interesting cat LOLOL

  14. Sue Bee says:

    I’m going to make 2 of my cats watch this video and see what their reactions are! lol
    …see if they recognize ‘demanding’!

  15. Mapleleaf67 says:

    Our little guy does this but unfortunately as much as we would like him to jump on our laps he does not , instead he carefully finds his way to the printer and sits there, or he just jumps on the PC table and walks all-over the keyboard!

    Our kitty came to us when he was almost a year old and we adopted him , maybe thats why as a kitten he may not have been encouraged by the lousy owners that he had, who drove him away-He is an adorable sweetheart and we Love him to bits

    BTW, he does come on the bed and wakes us up with love bites, paw touching , kneeding our arms or any part that is exposed from the duvet!

  16. Mapleleaf67 says:

    BTW not just 5 stars but 10 stars to this beauty

  17. Michelle says:

    Two of my four cats do exactly what this Kitty does – and the most demanding one is on my lap watching my fingers on the keyboard! Love the different angles in which this video was shot – great way to see both subjects!!!

  18. Kera says:

    Perfect workday right there. :)

  19. dorlis says:

    Now all you need is Harley. He jumps on the desk and stands in front of the monitor trying to catch that Mouse that keeps running all over the place. Hard to work with him between me and the screen. Casey and Homey are just persistant and Dee likes the mouse also.

  20. Olivia says:

    I love this so much! That cat is seriously cute. LOVE CATS :)

  21. cat says:

    I wish my cat wanted attention like that. My cat only allows me to pet her for 2 minutes and after that her claw comes out

  22. AddieBee says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! What a lovey cat! Look at the look in his eyes when he looks at his daddy! That is just too adorable! <3

  23. Mishka says:

    thats my orange cat for you

  24. sharon stringer says:

    This is HYSTERICAL i laughed out loud at this little cats persistance!!! Funny stuff just loved it! Who says cats arnt smart.HA HA GREAT!!!

  25. beckyl says:

    cute. it reminds me of when i used to try and get homework done on the couch – my cats never let me be very productive! i have multiple pics of Breezy and Little laying across my books on my lap desk

  26. millieJo says:

    All too familiar. I have 6 cats that demand attention. I love it! Btw what a big handsome cat.

  27. misskitty says:

    AHHHHh this is sooooo cute!!!! I love & enjoy being “owned” by a kitty!!!! lol

  28. Pearl says:

    Huni sticks to her dinner schedule reguardless. She lets me know if I’m even a minute off.

  29. notemily says:

    Oh yay, a sexist joke.

  30. Vilander says:

    I had a Maincoon ‘Fattyma’, she would not stop at sitting in the lap, she would directly jump on top of the note book or laptop and sit there or sit beside it and lash her tail on the book.

  31. Natasha says:

    My cat is sooo much worse. At least I know there are others out there that have to put up with similar needy cats. I have a 25 pound cat who thinks he is a human baby….he has to suckle on my finger or ear every night at bedtime and he eventually drifts off to sleep while suckling. He also pulls my head down or in his direction with both paws until I am looking at him and giving him my undivided attention and all the lovins; he is craving. But this is very cute and reassuring that I am not the only one!!!

  32. lee says:

    very cute and very familiar. my cat will first try jumping in my lap. after i’ve put him down a couple of times, he’ll jump on the back of my chair and slide over my shoulder down my front into my lap. then he’ll stretch out until he’s pushed the keyboard away. after i adjust the keyboard to continue working, he will rest his head on my hand that is using the mouse. he’s my first cat so i thought this was happening to just me. glad to see that i’m not alone…

  33. Eda says:

    I wantz them cuddlez!!! such a big cute kitty <3

  34. carole says:

    what about me?

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