Foster Kittens Bathe Big Dog

Little black foster kittens give their big doggie a bath. Don’t you just want to take them home? :)

“My dog Murkin gets his face groomed by our foster kittens during one of his many naps,” said the foster mom.

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19 Responses to “Foster Kittens Bathe Big Dog”

  1. Carol says:

    Didn’t see much grooming going on, but it’s a great video! Murkin looks like: Mooommmmm…. don’t encourage them! Whose side are you on? LOL

  2. Winston says:

    What a lovely dog…

  3. Robin says:

    Adorable! Murkin’s pretty laid back about it all…

  4. Karen says:

    Hilarious! Murkin doesn’t move a muscle except for his rolling eyes. I think the kittens keep waiting for a reaction from him.

  5. lindal says:

    what a patient and very sweet
    dog! he says “good grief, i’m trying to sleep!!

  6. Cate says:

    I love around 1:47 when the owner puts a kitten on Murkin’s back… you can just see him thinking “………….SIGGGGGHHHHHH….” So cute. 😀

  7. Tabitha M. says:

    I don’t know how poor Murkin gets to take a nap, with all those kitties playing around him! Looks like he is saying, “Mom, why are you putting those pesky kids on me!”

  8. Dennis Cutter says:

    More like Murkin thinking “What a Dog’s life”, god hope no other dogs see this on youtube, I’ll be the laughing stock of all the dogs.

  9. Tracy says:

    So cute…. Love black cats!! So cute!!! Murkin just soo patience with those little foster kittens!!

  10. liz says:

    i love murkin, he is the real dad, paciente and calm. murkin is the real hero here.

  11. Melissa says:

    The sneeze at the end <3

  12. Peggy says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Cute baby kitties and wonderful pooch!

  13. pumbie says:

    Murkin, what a happy dog he is!, I’d like to be harrassed in that way too. Yes, the sneeze at the end ¡so funny!.

  14. katie says:

    Murkin is sure a tolorant dog, the expression on his face is PRICRLESS!!

  15. Katherine says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Perfect choice of music, too! 😀

  16. carole says:

    that poor dog.

  17. Janet says:

    I hate to say this but, Murkin is the babysitter, so the kittens DO NOT GET INTO TROUBLE…he is not to nap on watch time…but when the doggie is asleep the baby kitties will play (LOL)

  18. Jeff says:

    Dint see much grooming. But cute video anyways

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