Hat Cat

Sophie the cat likes to perch on her dad’s head and becomes his hat.

“Sophie Cat really likes the view from up top,” said her hooman.

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20 Responses to “Hat Cat”

  1. Xaidiz says:

    So cute! I guess she wants to play whatever her dad is playing too :D

  2. Jen says:

    My friend has a cat that likes to sit backwards on my head, tail hanging in my face.

  3. Shelly Lyon says:

    Best. Hat. Ever.

  4. Peggy says:

    I love it! I used to have a “shoulder cat.”
    She would jump up on my shoulder from the ground. She gave a few of my friends quite a start when she jumped up on their shoulders, too!

  5. siew eng says:

    so funny! she looks like a captain in command at the wheel.

  6. carole says:

    she looks like she is very content being the look out

  7. Donna says:

    I love cats and their quirky little ways.

  8. Kaytee says:

    I love this! My cat curls round my head when I’m lying in bed :-)

  9. katie says:

    I guess she is very comfy up there, and sees what is going on, too funny!!

  10. Michelle says:

    Charming and sweet video. Thx for sharing!

  11. Katherine says:

    Amazing and hilarious! I have never seen a cat do that and have been around many :-) Wonderful!

  12. pumbie says:

    What an adorable kitty; i’d like such a persecutor and assistant for me when i have to do my “homework” on the computer!. Sweet.

  13. Carrie says:

    Love it! That is so sweet.

  14. Iffat says:

    Such a silly kitty!

  15. Crystal says:

    She’s sooooo cute! I just looooove her ears! How old is she? Is she a pedigreed cat? She’s cute one way or the other!

  16. misskitty says:

    Can i have that kitty headgear too…???

  17. Maysoun says:


  18. vonneybeth says:

    Oh my! She has magnificent ear tufts! My cats are shoulder riders, but I don’t think my neck could take head riders, LOL.

  19. Sovy says:


  20. ana says:

    very cute

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