15 Responses to “Maru Loves Catnip Ball”

  1. Susan says:

    Awwww…MARU you’re my favorite internet cat!!!<3 <3

  2. edith chase says:

    Sooo cute :)

  3. Carol says:

    Love Maru! He looks so cuddly!

  4. miu says:

    Greetings to wonderful Maru from Finland! Maru, you are the most handsome feline I have ever seen. ;)

  5. carole says:

    he is the grear entertainer

  6. Johdivafromsask@hotmail.com anna Johanna says:

    I love Maru.

  7. Gay says:

    Maru is so cute – thanks for sharing :)

  8. carmela says:

    love maru, he is awesome!!!!

  9. Robin says:

    If only human animals could be happy with such simple pleasures.

  10. katie says:

    Maru continues to entertain us in 2012, love you Maru,too funny!!

  11. Katherine says:

    Maru rules!!!

  12. pumbie says:

    Is there anything more beautiful on the entire Internet than Maru?. This video is Super-cute and Maru is very “good-looking” here.

  13. Purrito Purrpants says:

    I am a Maru fan!

  14. Séana says:

    I love how kitties always try to roll in catnip like it’s a cologne or perfume! ♥

  15. Shelly Lyon says:

    Maru never fails to make my day!

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