Affectionate Kitty Loves Pizza Box

This kitty loves pizza boxes over anything else that his human brings home.

“My cute cat is the most affectionate feline I’ve ever had. Adopted, he has been with me for the past two years and I’m lucky to have him in my life,” said the dad.

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31 Responses to “Affectionate Kitty Loves Pizza Box”

  1. lovebug says:

    That is so cute! Giving you kisses at the end!

  2. siew eng says:

    so adorable! and he comes when called!

  3. caroline says:

    OMG handsome man who LOVES cats. where does this man live? is he single??

  4. beckyl says:

    omg! love that!!!!

  5. Petsami says:

    He’s probably staking out the pizza box for when a pizza finally comes out of the oven.

  6. Dawn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I really, really needed something happy like this!!!

  7. Mandy says:


    I agree with your comment, lol!

    And that cat is sooo cute! <3

  8. Moheem says:

    Hahaha awesome!! Love the cat its tooo cute!!

  9. Shelly Lyon says:

    Love this!

  10. lindal says:

    my cats when they were kittens loved pizza boxes, also. i would prop them up making a triangle roof top—played for hours in them. this precious cat looks like my ‘sweet tator’. love guys who love cats and this cat loves his guy!!

  11. Franklin says:

    I love this! This is hilarious!

  12. Angelique says:

    So funny!

  13. jude says:

    very professionally done video; great narration and music, and the cat ‘performed’ like an actor!

  14. katie says:

    I use to have a cat that also loved pizza boxes, too funny!!

  15. Peggy says:

    Very well done video, cute kitty, handsome man! Oh my! Have you tried putting the pizza box on the cat tree or in the tent?

  16. pumbie says:

    Congrat., your kitty is really cute and lovely. Almost any cardboard is suitable for a cat!.

  17. Tucker says:


  18. Shauna says:

    There’s nothing sexier than a man that likes cats.

  19. I HAVE CAT says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! The ending is soooo super sweet. NOTHING like a man who loves animals – esp cats!

    I have a column called CAT MAN MONDAY! I’d love this guy to be featured! How do i reach him!

  20. Ashley says:

    LOL my cats have played with cardboard like this before!! Also have a couple that like to eat flower petals & have to hide anything plastic that’s not being used… weird kitties!

  21. Dee says:

    So cute! My cat also doesn’t care about the comfy bed we bought her and choose to sleep in the shoe box :))

  22. Clara says:

    omg that’s so cute!

  23. Diana says:

    My cat loves pizza boxes too LOL

  24. LAURENCE says:


  25. Iffat says:

    What a sweet & funny kitty!

  26. Maremma says:

    That is exactly how my cats are! Cardboard to lay on,in against and they are perfectly content!

  27. Mary G says:

    My daughter (age 21, gorgeous, almost done with college – hint! hint! hint!) also has a kitty who adores her like this. Jaune (French for yellow) gives her kisses the same way your Toffee does.

    Feel free to contact us for a date if you’re interested. ;-) We’re near Washington DC.

  28. Bonnie says:

    While a tree house is great because cats by nature do like to be up high, they also like being in a position where they have a clear view of their surroundings so nothing can sneak up on them, put the treehouse near a wall or better yet in a corner.

  29. ANNETTE says:

    I agree…a man who loves cats is so hot! and he is adorable…

  30. cat_tailz says:

    I like the cats name! “Toffee!” My 3
    cats have imaginative names also! I rate this a thumbs-up and hope to see more videos in the future!

  31. carole says:

    once you find that perfect thing it is hard to let it go

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