We Are Cat People!

“We are cat people, young at heart, smart, and beautiful on the inside and out. We are cat people because we think that cats are the best pets in the world and life without cats feels empty.”

Are you a cat person too? Tell us what makes you a cat person.

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12 Responses to “We Are Cat People!”

  1. Gina Marie says:

    I love animals but especially cats! They used to call me cat woman when I was a kid :o) Now my bf is a cat person too >^..^<

  2. carole says:

    they r the most interesting expressive creatures.they know what they want when they want it.they r beautiful.they r every expressive adjective ever written.

  3. I have had both knees replaced and its hard for me to walk a long distance. I also broke the shin bone and had issues with that. So walking a dog, all though I love them to makes it hard for me to do. I also use a cane mostly for balance as the left leg is shorter (the one I broke). So I have 4 cats that keep company and entertained.

  4. Shelly Lyon says:

    Loves me some kitties!

  5. Robin says:

    Because they are full of quirks and subtleties; they purr; they accept me entirely;
    they sleep in adorable poses-and I love and respect them. And they love me.

  6. pumbie says:

    I’m a cat person because I’ve got whiskers!!!.

  7. lindal says:

    my sister says I was probably a cat in a former life!! i love kitties!

  8. lovebug says:

    I’m a cat person. I grew up with dogs then I met a guy who had a cat then I became a cat person. Now I own two wonderful cats who I wouldn’t trade them for the world. One of cats is such a mommy’s boy. I have to give him some mommy time or he’ll just starve!

  9. KellyAnne says:

    I’m a cat person because they are soft and portable; because they are affordable to keep and generally low maintenance; because they have such individuality; because they are fierce lovers, strident conversationalists, and the best snuggle buddies. I am a cat person because I have spent my life with the most amazing cats.

    And also because my dad is the world’s biggest cat lover, and he taught me to be a cat person too. :)

  10. Keyme says:

    I am and always have been a cat person! So many of my friends and boyfriends have been dog people till they met me and my cats. My cats are amazing as most cats are, I feel like I just help people see how to appreciate their weird quirks like they would with humans!

  11. Barb Glamser says:

    I am a cat person and have always been. I love kittens and love the great personalities they develop into as they grow up. I have three females now ages range from 12 to 7-yrs. I can’t imagine life with out them. They are always there for me. Through the good times and the bad. They manage to cheer me up just by their ever vigilant presence. I love them dearly.

  12. Laura-Elena says:

    I am a cat person, probably I always was, although I also had dogs. One day I felt in love with the most beautiful pair of blue eyes, on top of a furry whiskered nose, and from that day on, I love being surrounded by purrs, soft furry kisses and hugs, cuddle moments and funny conversations, fierce conquest of every spot from home and playing time as much as possible. I cannot imagine my life without my two beautiful, loving cats :)

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