6 Day Old Kitten Snoozes on Purrfect Pillow

Teeny kitten finds the purrfect “pillow” to nap on. It’s warm, jiggly, safe and it purrs.

“This is the boy who I had to help out and held the moment he was first born.”

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10 Responses to “6 Day Old Kitten Snoozes on Purrfect Pillow”

  1. Ingrid says:

    too cute!

  2. Hanna says:

    I will get diabetes if I keep watching…and I dont care!

  3. Mitsy says:

    Absolutely adorable! I didn’t even notice the third kitten on the left until it moved at 0:25!

  4. MariaC says:

    What is that infernal tapping?

  5. Janet Brown says:


  6. Shelly Lyon says:

    Such epic cuteness!

  7. Maysoun says:


  8. Nani says:

    Oh Wow!!!

  9. Maremma says:

    What a patient momma he has! LOL SO cute!

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