Kitty and Doggie Do Yoga Trick Together

Fluffy cat does a yoga trick with a dog. Her tail just does it for me.

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13 Responses to “Kitty and Doggie Do Yoga Trick Together”

  1. Sarah says:

    so cute

  2. Peggy says:

    But of course, all the kitties know how to do the cat-pose! : )

  3. Lashantina says:

    let’s all do yoga together :)

  4. Shelly Lyon says:

    So cute together!

  5. Denise says:


  6. Such a beautiful pair! Excellent skills!

  7. pumbie says:

    Congrat!, what a nice couple. I want these two to go to the gym with me. Preciosos!!.

  8. Theresa says:

    So cute!

  9. Nana says:

    Omg. That’s like the cutest thing that i’ve ever seen!

  10. Anna says:


  11. Lashantina says:

    downward dog and downward cat pose!

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