Ginger Kitty Gives Doggie Snuggles

Ginger kitty is giving his doggie friends love and snuggles. They are best of friends.

“Ginger was our very first foster kitten, and she fell in love with (doggie) immediately. They do this at least once a day,” said the human.

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6 Responses to “Ginger Kitty Gives Doggie Snuggles”

  1. Hanna says:

    Cat : I love you my Doggie
    Dog : I am indiffrent to your love
    Cat: I shall lick you and kiss you then!

  2. dollycat says:

    very touching and sweet xo

  3. Shelly Lyon says:

    So lovely!

  4. pumbie says:

    Curious: my kitty isn’t ginger, but a friend of mine has one ginger kitty who is”super sweet”; is it a characteristic of ginger cats being so sweet and intelligent?!.

  5. Maysoun says:

    its their ritual

  6. katie says:

    Cute picture, not so sure how the dog really feels about this!!

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