More Belly Scratches!

Kitty holding onto his human’s hand, demanding more belly rubs. “Do not stop scratching!”

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14 Responses to “More Belly Scratches!”

  1. siew eng says:

    yes, your majesty!

  2. jude says:

    one smart kitty-cat! :)

  3. Shelly Lyon says:

    What a doll! I love white kitties!

  4. Angeline says:


  5. OmegaFox says:

    dahahaha smart kitteh! :D

  6. Audrey says:

    Beautiful kitty!

  7. KellyAnne says:

    Pretty kitty cat.

  8. Russell says:

    What sorcery is this? The cat actually allows belly rubs? Usually this is just an invitation for pain from my gatos!

  9. katie says:

    Pretty smart kitty, knows what it wants!!

  10. pumbie says:

    Gi’me five. Cute-Lindo!!.

  11. Jeff says:

    What a silly cat :)

  12. Fernanda says:

    Adorable! <3

  13. carole says:


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