Smart Fetching Cat

Kitty fetches like a pro. He can fetch as well as any dog if not better.

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6 Responses to “Smart Fetching Cat”

  1. Erin Ashley says:

    Aww! My cat, Zari, does that! She doesn’t always bring the ball back, but she did as a kitten. <3

  2. Maysoun says:

    this is cute

  3. jude says:

    that’s great! i’ve never had a cat who would do that.

  4. pumbie says:

    He is a little ¡Nadal!. He looks like my Pumbie.

  5. Sarah says:

    One of my kitties will not only fetch, but he brings the toy back and lays it down right at my feet, EVERY time, and he does it for hours on end. He thinks he’s a dog. :-)

  6. Theresa says:

    @ jude: I’ve never had a cat that fetches either but I bet it would be fun.

    Cool kitty!

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