Kitty Coaching Human Push-ups

Kitty is coaching his human how to do push ups.

“The most strict coach in my life :),” said Dimakabban.

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17 Responses to “Kitty Coaching Human Push-ups”

  1. Shelly Lyon says:

    So helpful!

  2. Theresa says:

    So cute!

  3. Franklin says:

    What a great little helper!

  4. Nastya says:

    don’t stop or I’ll nom nom your head :))

  5. jude says:

    so cute — (and the cat’s not bad either!)

  6. jude says:

    so cute! (and the cat’s not bad either!)

  7. C says:

    If I was Dimakabban, I would’ve been laughing my head off!! I’m gonna learn how to do push ups to see if my babies will help me!

  8. katie k says:

    That was adorable, now you know how to do them right!

  9. Amanda says:

    Oh wow…oh my. That guy is so hot. ME GUSTA!

  10. pumbie says:

    I want such a trainer for me too. He looks very demanding and strong,even cocky!.

  11. Debra Olsen says:

    That might be the thickest tail on a cat I have ever seen. Love kitties 4 white paws. Let’s see, how many push-ups was that? :-)

  12. scooterdoodle says:

    Looks like the cat needs to do some pushups of his own… LOL

  13. Lynnette Ross says:

    That is way too cute,lol.

  14. beckyl says:

    everyone should have such a fluffy personal trainer!

  15. Séana says:

    Love that cat!

  16. Iffat says:

    Silly, funny kitty sure loves his daddy!

  17. Shaft says:

    Yes Drill Sgt. Kitty!

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