Playful Siberian Kittens, Too Cute for Words!

A close look into how these Siberian kittens play. They look even cuter in slow-mo.

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6 Responses to “Playful Siberian Kittens, Too Cute for Words!”

  1. Shelly Lyon says:

    They are so adorable, whether in slo-mo or in real time >^..^<

  2. Winston says:

    So very cute…

  3. Debra Olsen says:

    Never heard of the Siberian breed…very cute (naturally!) :-)

  4. lindal says:

    watched this on the animal planet—the writers and narrator of these shows are perfect for the actions of these too cute kitties!

  5. katie k says:

    Very active family, so adorable!!

  6. pumbie says:

    Cat Olympic Games!!.

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