Kitty Born without Back Legs Never Lets it Stop Him

Anakin is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He doesn’t think he is disabled… just differently abled.

cute rescue kitten ani born without pelvis back legs

Ani posing with his favorite toys

Ani’s story by Carrie Hawks:

My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My family and I are lifelong animal lovers and will give Ani the absolute best possible home, love and care. I will be posting updates, photos and videos of Anakin on his Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube as he grows.

We have a new kitten! A very special new kitten. I wasn’t looking to get another cat right now but you know how these things just happen…. About two weeks ago a kitten without back legs started coming over to eat with the other feral cats at my dad’s work. My first few trips to attempt to catch it didn’t work out. Then Thursday (5/31), We went to see if this was the day we could catch it. The kitten was cowering in the bushes and I climbed into the bushes and pulled the kitten out. We brought the kitten home and I set it up in our hall bathroom, exactly like I did with Trixie & Pixie two years earlier.

Friday morning (6/1) I took him to our vet as soon as they opened. Our vet said she has never seen anything like him before and he is amazing and that it’s also amazing that his mother took care of him even with his handicap. She examined him and he is a little boy, approximately 6 to 8 weeks old and it in really good health. Two xrays on him showed he was born with no pelvis or back legs. We let him walk around the room for a minute to see how he moves. He positions his front legs at an angle towards the middle of his body and balances his backend in the air with the use of his tail touching the ground if he needs it. He gets around really well that way and is pretty quick too. The xray also showed that his insides were not malformed, last was the feline leukemia test. He’s came back negative. So we got him vaccinated, dewormed and a little flea meds and unless we have any problems with him, he goes back to the vet in three weeks. :)

Now, he is home getting comfy in his little bathroom and will be there for a while till he is bigger, stronger and ready to be socialized with the other cats and our dog. He is such a sweet calm little guy :) He is happy to cuddle in our laps and purrs really loud. He likes to play with a little toy mouse and also chase a beaded necklaces around on the floor. We have decided to name him Anakin and will be calling him “Ani” (yes after Anakin Skywalker :D )

Thanks Carrie and Jay for sharing.

Ani with his teddybear in the carrier where he likes to sleep right now

cute ani the kitty cuddling with his teddy bear born without pelvis back legs

Ani walking. He’s got awesome balance!

cute ani the kitten learns to walk

Anakin LOVES Friskies Cat Fishing game on the iPad. He doesn’t care too much to catch the slow fish but really likes to go after the faster ones.

cute ani the kitten plays with ipad game fish

See Ani in action:

Ani playing and running:

Ani playing iPad game in action:

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88 Responses to “Kitty Born without Back Legs Never Lets it Stop Him”

  1. Mary says:

    cute kitty… but Im sure he gets pretty tiresome balancing. How come he doesnt get something attached to balance it out..

  2. Jennifer says:

    I liked your page on FB about a week ago. It’s animals just don’t sweat stuff like this. A human, we’re different..but they just pick themselves up, literally, and survive. I am amazed by Anakin and I am brought to tears by your taking him and giving him a good life. :) I’m glad there are people like you in this world.

  3. Sandie says:

    What a handsome kitty. He’s so lucky to have found you & give him a home!!!

  4. Bettina says:

    He looks like my Moo, how adorable!!!

  5. Liza says:

    What a special kitty and special story. Thanks for taking him in and giving him a loving home!

  6. C says:

    I am such a softie for cats. I sat here with tears in my eyes watching that resourceful young man play. Ani is so beautiful!!! I love his sweet fur. I want to pick him up & kiss kiss kiss!!

  7. Debra Olsen says:

    Wow, Anakin is a heartbreaker. Wonderful for you to give him love & attention. Maybe a little brace or something would help when he’s done growing? Years ago I had Cleopatra (Cleo) with a badly broken back leg (hanging). My vet devised a cast of sorts-looked like a coat hangar wrapped with white tape. It was difficult for her to use the litter box, but we managed-I had to help her get in. The cast became rather smelly with urine but eventually her leg healed & it was very satisfying to have brought her back to health. She was a beauty-varied light grey, long angora fur with the face of a queen & a loud purr just by looking at her that you could hear across a room…miss her. :-)

  8. Nana says:

    She’s the most precious little kitty in the world. :)

  9. Carol Gilmer says:

    Loved that story and what a pretty kitty! Thanks to that great family for not throwing this little kitty away! He’ll bless them with lots of love! My kitty, Sam, is lying on the couch with me right now.

  10. Laura says:

    Ani’s story is really amazing. Thank you so much for being the wonderful people that you are to have given him such a good home. It’s amazing how nature short-changes little Anakin then turnes around and gives the little guy a great big dose of courage and a beautiful heart to boot! Thanks for sharing his story.

  11. kitty kat says:

    what a special kitten. it always makes me sad to know there are so many unfortunate cats/kittens but then again a story like this makes me happy to know there are good people out there who are animals lover :) pls do keep posted!!

  12. Shelly Lyon says:

    That is the best story!

  13. cassie's mom says:

    Oh my gawd, he is ADORABLE! Dontcha wish he would stay that little? What a sweet, fuzzy little guy. He’s so strong already. He’ll probably adapt to the two front legs thing but if that becomes a burden, there are always those harness/wheel contraptions to help him out. All in good time, though. I’d never want to put him down, he’s just so darn cute. Thanks for giving him a great home :-)

  14. curator says:

    Oh bless him, what a lovely lovely story!

  15. vix says:

    As a jeweler, I can categorically state that Ani is finer and more precious than rubies!

    • Debra Olsen says:

      Oh how ‘precious’ of you (a jeweler no less) to say that! :-) Ani sure is a heart stealer. ( I’ll bet you have a kitty named Jewel!!!???) :-)

  16. Blue Wolf says:

    What a precious baby!!! He is just awesome. He’s so strong already to be able to walk like that holding up the rest of his body. Thank you soooo much for being such loving caretakers for this special boy!

  17. Liz says:

    It’s so wonderful that you adopted him and gave him a home. As a longtime cat owner who tends three litter boxes a day, I can’t help wondering–can he urinate/defecate in the regular way?

  18. Eve says:

    Bless you both! How awesome, and what a doll! XOX

  19. Sherry says:

    Such a sweet baby. So happy you found him. God bless you for giving him such a loving home that he deserves.

  20. Emily says:

    AWWW:3 I just wanna pick up that kitty and give him lots of kisses . SO CUTE. he has pretty eyes too :)

  21. Kitty says:

    Makes my heart melt!

  22. Jean says:

    Anakin is a cutie pie – a real trooper. And I love that you named him that. :)

  23. Jane says:

    Absolutely amazing little fella! :D

  24. MP says:

    Adorable little guy. I definitely agree with others here that you should investigate the possibility of getting him something for his backend as he gets older. I’ve seen little wheelchair type things worn by both dogs and cats. I think it would be nice for him to get the weight of his front paws at least part of the time and let him walk around easier. As he gets bigger, having all the weight on his front paws might eventually cause complications like arthritis. You are a very special family for giving this guy a chance at a happy, safe life. THANK YOU.

  25. Rocky says:

    Thank you for giving him such a lovely place to call his forever home. God bless you for helping this little fellow.

  26. Noelegy says:

    What a handsome, spunky little guy! So glad you found each other!

  27. KellyAnne says:

    What a cute little thing! I hope he can get a little wheeled cart someday. :) I hope he has many loving years with his human family!

  28. nance says:

    suggestion – why not set him up with a set of wheels. eventually all the weight on his shoulders and front legs will cause them to bow. start him now while he’s young and he’ll never know any differece. use your imagination to set up a different litter box for him and you’ll love him – and he you – for years. check with your vet

  29. pumbie says:

    What a tender face, and sweet story!.

  30. Sarah_Sheevah says:

    My little sweet Anakin “May the Force be with you” dear kitty =^.^=//
    I’m really crying here >.<
    God bless your human family.

  31. Casani Rosita says:

    You save him now and he will save you during judgement day.
    He’s so special and He is here for a reason, only Allah knows why…
    Blessed both of you for taking care of him.
    Pls keep all updates coming for Ani cos Im looking forward to it.

  32. orpha dess wilson says:

    ditto DITTO AND DITTO~God Bless everyone that helps that adorable little soul~God Bless him or her~!

  33. Tucker says:


  34. beckyl says:

    Wow! so many comments i’m sure mine will get lost, but i DARE anyone to watch those videos and not fall completely in love with him <3
    thank you so much for taking him in! you are wonderful :-) such an amazing and sweet addition to your family! and i'm super glad his cat mom decided to take care of him

  35. Jessica says:

    amazing, i am incredibly amazed by how well he has adapted to life without back legs :) Love that there are people willing to give him a chance and so much love & care(: truly a touching story <3

  36. Alma says:

    He’s so lucky to have you. I’m so touch he is amazing.

  37. Denise says:

    What a doll, and he’s so happy. So glad he was given the chance to show how special he is

  38. nolruck says:

    Thank you for share, you was did a little things, but greatest in the world, i hope can see him again nextime with his a new back legs,

  39. Maggi says:

    How uplifting – and wonderful to know there are people like you in the world.

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