Many Little Things Maru Does

Many different things that Maru does for fun!

More Maru:

Maru sees an oven mitt

maru sees orange oven mitt

Sniff sniff

maru investigates oven mitt sniff


maru licks oven mitt clean

Photos by Mugumogu.

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4 Responses to “Many Little Things Maru Does”

  1. katie k says:

    Maru is such a love bug, just want to hug and squeeze him. Always so entertaining!!

  2. pumbie says:

    Hi, Maru, I think you should put on the glove and box!!. Love you.

  3. C says:

    Maru always makes me smile. How did he get his big ol’ body in that little cardboard igloo?

  4. Deb Gustafson says:

    Oh Maru! You are too much fun! Your hooman is so lucky to have such a happy kitty, all my kitties do is sleep.

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