A Love Story of Shorty and Kodi

Shorty reveals her passion for her beloved Kodi and the torment of living with one who makes all the rules.

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10 Responses to “A Love Story of Shorty and Kodi”

  1. beckyl says:

    oh, the woes of unrequited love! ;)

  2. Rozy says:

    A www such beautiful love story

  3. Linda says:

    What a great video!

  4. Revenwyn says:

    Would be better if it weren’t done in the style of the Henri videos.

  5. Isnt it cute? It looks like a real love story. BTW are they male cats???

  6. carole says:

    such a beautiful story and great music

  7. katie k says:

    I had two cats, one ruled the roost, and the other one was constantly on look out for the other. Cats are a show all by themselves!!

  8. pumbie says:

    Oh Shorty, be patient, the same happens to me..Life is hard..!

  9. Michelle says:

    Don’t care if it’s a Henri video knockoff. Love Henri and loved this too! Hysterical!!!

  10. Shelly Lyon says:

    Too adorable.

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