Ninja Kitties

Shortie and Kodi sneak attack each other.

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14 Responses to “Ninja Kitties”

  1. caturday says:

    HAHAHAHA…this funnyyy…now they are best friend based on previous story

  2. winston says:

    I like how they walk sideways

  3. beckyl says:

    nice! who doesn’t love a good bout of cat-jitsu?! :-) and i always love the side hopping with the ‘L’ tail

  4. Linda N says:

    Two Awesome Kitties! Love their sideways walk, too! :)

  5. Eve says:

    So much fun!!! :D

  6. Leomoon says:

    Rambunctious household

  7. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) Hilarious, made my day…cat’s never fail to make me smile. Great video & music. Thank you! :-)

  8. AngeliqueS says:

    lol!!! Very funny!!!

  9. Enchntress says:

    Always enjoy Shortie and Kodi!! <3

  10. Iffat says:

    Those 2 are certainly having a blast!

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