Spread the Word of Spay and Neuter with Royal Canon, and Get Free Food

It’s no secret – spaying and neutering improves the quality of life for both cats and their owners – providing America’s 76 million pet cats with longer lives, preventing unwanted litters and creating a friendlier disposition.

Royal Canin is launching a national campaign called You Share, We Give, which benefits the American Humane Association. The program, found on Facebook.com/RoyalCanin.us, encourages cat owners to “share” information about spaying and neutering, in exchange for free SPAYED/NEUTERED food samples. Beginning today, each time a fan “shares” the Royal Canin infographic, the company will provide the owner with a free sample of the SPAYED/NEUTERED canned formula (up to 25,000 cans), and also is donating $25,000 to the American Humane Association in support of feline health research.

Spaying and Neutering can…

-prolong a cat’s life expectancy
-prevent less fighting and marking among males
-prevent unwanted litters
-create a friendlier behavior

Spayed and neutered cats tend to experience decrease in energy needs and increase in appetite. Luckily Royal Canin created a complete line of spay/neuter cat foods to help you raise healthy spayed or neutered cats.

Click below to share information about spaying and neutering, and get a free sample of the Royal Canin Spayed/Neutered canned formula:

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One Response to “Spread the Word of Spay and Neuter with Royal Canon, and Get Free Food”

  1. Jenny says:

    I must say that I haven’t tried their spayed/neutered diets, but their Baby Cat is the bomb for the itty bitty kitties!

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