Cat Gets a Call

Candy Cane the cat checks her voice message. This is what she does, every time she hears it from her dad,

“Must get daddy outta the box!”

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14 Responses to “Cat Gets a Call”

  1. Linda says:

    awww. Candy Cane luvs her daddy. Sweet.

  2. Patricia Brown says:

    funny sweet kit! lol

  3. winston says:

    adorable kitten

  4. “Hello, who is it?”

    “Oh. It’s for mew.”

  5. Blue Wolf says:

    aaawwww she wants her daddy. cute!

  6. AngeliqueS says:


  7. Fredericka says:

    Awww. And some people say cats aren’t smart. She was looking for her daddy.

  8. Bobby says:

    I thought I was the only one who called my cat with an answering machine.

  9. pumbie says:

    Get out of the telephone box, please!!

  10. katie k says:

    Must find my Dad, too funny!!

  11. Debbie Johnso says:

    She loves her daddy…how sweet!!

  12. angel says:

    lol! smart candy cane!

  13. Kaeli says:

    That was adorable! Sweet kitty wants her human. I bet she gives a lot of purrs and cuddles when he is home, a warm welcome.

  14. carole says:

    that is just too cute

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