Kitty Gets Mail

Everyday around lunch time The Baron the cat (Captain Doctor Mr. Nibbles II esq.) awaits USPS to drop off the mail aka his toy for the day. “Sometimes we actually get to read out letters,” they said.

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38 Responses to “Kitty Gets Mail”

  1. vix says:

    Excellent! Shared.

  2. Carol Ann says:

    Does he know the difference between junk mail and good mail, I wonder?!

  3. Maimou says:

    That is a scream! He must have scared the poop out of the mail carrier the first few times.

  4. Linda says:

    Clever boy! :)

  5. Nana says:

    Good boy!!! :)

  6. Sue Bee says:

    You know you can never move to a home that gets mail in a box by the curb?!

  7. winston says:

    Watch out… USPS union thugs might come after your kitten

  8. beckyl says:

    hahahaha! those are some good hunting skillz!! 😀

  9. Andrea says:

    that’s just pure awesomeness!!!

  10. KateM says:

    That made me laugh — thanks for posting it! I like the way he looks around and walks off with the mailer to do whatever he’s going to do with it.

  11. Eve says:

    LOL, brilliant. I quite agree with Maimou… and we thought mail carriers were only concerned with dogs 😉

  12. lindal says:

    cats are really smart—they know time—two cats i had a few years ago would wait on the front steps until i got home from work. of course there are the ones that wake you up at certain hours!!!

  13. Potpie says:

    Omg that is hilarious!

  14. Denise says:

    too funny

  15. Nani says:

    So so funny. Love it!!!

  16. vonneybeth says:


  17. Chrissi says:

    sounds like a cat hubby knew on one of his rounds- he couldn’t figure out why it always came out of it’s flap hissing at him- then one day he had mail for the house- and realised the cat was sleeping behind the door, in front of the letterbox, so every time any mail came in the cat was getting it shoved at his botty – needless to say he was careful the next time and warned them- and the other postie whose round it was

  18. Debra Olsen says:

    :-) :-) :-) Oh, that is sweet!

  19. Be aloo says says:

    That is priceless! My kitty has a pet bear toy that she carries around in her mouth and in the evening when she knows we’ll be going to bed she takes her bear down the hall to our bedroom and leaves it their until the morning!

    • momsbusy says:

      my female cat has a favorite toy (since she was a kitten) that she picks up every night and brings it down the hallway and drops it off in front of the bedroom doors. she meows very pitifully as she walks down the hall with her “wormy”.

  20. carole says:

    has any of your mail been lost?

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